Merli, MAIKA and Macne

Merli, MAIKA and Macne
With the end of the year approaching, it seems that many VOCALOID3 releases are happening or are about to happen. We’ve compiled some information about three sound libraries whose names all start with “M”: Merli, MAIKA and Macne.

Merli (メルリ)

  • Description: A sound library with a deep voice, and her character is a fairy and Aoki Lapis’s older sister.
  • Language(s): Japanese
  • Demo Songs: Justitia | Fate Leading star | Immature World
  • Release Date: December 24, 2013 [Download] | End of January (projected) [Package]
  • Pricing: 9800 JPY [Download] | Open Pricing [Package]


Macne Nana (マクネナナ)

  • Description: The VOCALOID3 version of Macne Nana, who originally started as a set of sound samples for use in GarageBand and eventually became an UTAU sound library. This version has both a Japanese and an English sound library.
  • Language(s): Japanese | English
  • Demo Songs: ひいらぎ飾ろう / Deck The Halls | さくらさくら (sakura sakura)
  • Release Date: January 31, 2013
  • Pricing: 9800 JPY [Japanese Library Download] | 11800 JPY [English Library Download] | 15800 JPY [J+E Download] | 15800 JPY [J+E Package]

3 thoughts on “Merli, MAIKA and Macne”

  1. Maika is one of the best vocaloids so far!, just try to listen to some of her songs, her voice is really nice, her spanish is really good, and I totally understand her singing in other langagues too!
    Nice quality, I’m looking forward Maika and just Maika!

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