INTERNET Reveals “First Impression” of New VOCALOID3 Sound Library

Yesterday, INTERNET uploaded a small snippet onto niconico demonstrating the capabilities of an upcoming sound library they call “kokone -心響”. The Japanese characters carry the same pronunciation as the romaji before it, and the kanji means sound of the heart. The simple video, made in Niconico Movie Maker, plays back a song called “Moment Notes” and displays the lyrics on screen as they are sung. The description touts kokone as having a natural-sounding (gentle?) voice as well as a very wide vocal range, and the song involves her singing both low notes and very high notes as well. Now this video has also been uploaded to YouTube, and the niconico upload description now contains a link to the VSQX file. The file includes tuning for brightness, dynamics and pitch, but it strangely refers to the singer as “GUMI_English”, which may simply be a filler name since the compID code is simply a string of zeroes. Some comments on the niconico upload noted kokone’s similarity to GUMI, but CEO Murakami stated that it is someone new. Murakami also responded to another question, indicating that kokone will be on sale in February. Information about her character are to be released with the rest of the details in the near future.

8 thoughts on “INTERNET Reveals “First Impression” of New VOCALOID3 Sound Library”

  1. Another girl? uh, she doesn’t even sound like new variety for the Internet Co vocaoids 🙁
    I know, I know that usually female vocaloids tend to sell better, but they have many girls and just one boy and Gachpoid who kinda is in the middle.

  2. Yeah she doesn’t sound bad, however she also doesn’t sound like anything Vocaloid doesn’t already have…

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