galaco NEO Gets Early August Release Date

galaco NEO Package DesignYamaha has unveiled a teaser site for the upcoming galaco NEO, shortly after DTM Magazine posted their article. Yamaha will release the packaged version of galaco NEO in early August with “open pricing” (i.e. retailers set their own prices; it’s the norm for a lot of Japanese products, including some VOCALOID libraries) and a download version on August 5 at 16000 JPY. The official website is slated to launch on July 18 with demo songs. Unlike the original galaco, whose voice provider’s identity is still a mystery, the new version is publicly confirmed to be Ko Shibasaki. The Win/Mac software package will come with two VOCALOID3 soundbanks — the solid and clear galaco RED, with pitch and tempo ranges of F2 to G4 and 60 to 175 BPM respectively, and the calm and full-bodied galaco BLUE, with pitch and tempo ranges of E2 to F#4 and 90 to 195 BPM respectively. Furthermore, over 100 types of voice samples will be included as well as a Windows-only galaco Talk software. The character design has also been updated for the NEO release, with Tomioka Jiro as the new illlustrator. The DTM Magazine article also provided a quote from Ko Shibasaki, who said that she was looking forward to seeing her alter-ego galaco surpass her, reach out to a wider audience, get molded through the process of creation and give birth to a new wind that’ll sweep through the world.

9 thoughts on “galaco NEO Gets Early August Release Date”

  1. So happy she’s finally here!! And the Talk software is a nice surprise and I think it will have made the wait worth it.

    1. Until there is official word, its counted as “speculation” even when its obivous. Like in Mayu’s case, we all know who the voicer is, but we can’t say its official.

      1. They anounced it on Galaco’s b-day
        And kou herself said she voiced the first bank.

        Just look on VO and the wiki.

        This site is about as stupid as the american government

        1. First of all: A Wiki is not a reliable source of information. Lots of those articles are often populated with false information. The wiki staff are working on it, but they aren’t perfect and it will take some time to get done.

          Second: Unless you have the official developer of a VOCALOID posting this news on VO, then you shouldn’t trust it unless people provide sources.

    2. No need to be rude. All of us here at Vocaloidism do our very best to get you all the proper information, and plus, you could tell it was meant to be a joke by the strikethrough.

  2. …what about the people which got the prized vers. of Galaco? I Have won her, but never used her cause the proplems with the voice.. did this mean i have now to buy her to get her back? no hell no!

    Even with the extras.

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