New Educational Magazine to Launch in September, Featuring New VOCALOID Character Rana

RanaWe’ve Inc., the company that brought My Little Pony to Japan, is now launching an educational magazine titled “Vocalo-P ni Naritai!” (I want to become a VOCALOID producer!), and it will feature a new sound bank and character named Rana. Each of the thirty issues of this magazine (at 1420 JPY an issue plus tax, with 799 JPY for the inaugural issue coming out on September 9) will include all the software and materials necessary to make a VOCALOID song and PV. The included DVD for each issue will contain: VOCALOID3 Editor and VOCALOID3 Library Rana to let the user make vocal tracks, Singer Song Writer 7 Lite for Rana for putting together a song, and MikuMikuDance (along with a Rana model) for making videos. Each issue of the magazine is set up to be a complete lesson, starting out with a yonkoma comic about what type of song will be the focus of the issue, and then proceeds with a discussion about an already-made VOCALOID song, followed by tutorials in using the VOCALOID editor, putting together a song in the DAW, and making a video using MMD. Finally, the issue will close out with some product placement as well as a review quiz. The website mentions that the provided software will need to be reactivated every two to five issues, although someone who purchased all the volumes of the magazine will receive at the end a fully functioning set of software that will work indefinitely. Another disclaimer on the website says that the software and content included with each issue is subject to change. The character Rana comes with a license that essentially allows free use non-commercially.

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