VOCALOID3 ChikaAfter posting a teaser demo song made by Peperon-P, INTERNET has now put up a webpage talking about its upcoming VOCALOID3 voice bank, Chika. It is based on the voice of Itoh Chiaki, a member of avex’s seven-person music act AAA. Chika is touted as a versatile voice bank able to hit both highs and lows (recommended pitch range of F2 to D5), with twice as many samples as VOCALOID3 products from before. According to Peperon-P, her consonants are quick, making it easy for fast songs (recommended tempo range of 60 to 175 BPM). The producer also mentioned that she sounds natural and charming near the middle of range, while she gets a bit crisper and huskier near the top of her register. The boxed version will be released on October 16 at 10800 JPY plus tax, while the download version will come in the same day at 8640 JPY plus tax. There are also discounts for current registered owners of INTERNET software, with up to almost a 30% discount for these people who buy early.

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