VOCALOID Engine Used for Vocals in Upcoming hide Album

According to a news item on the hide official web site, the vocals for the title track on the upcoming album “Co GAL” were created with the help of Yamaha’s VOCALOID engine. A former member of X Japan as well as a solo artist, hide passed away at the age of 33, with his death officially ruled a suicide. At the time, only a demo track with rough vocals was available for “Co Gal”, unfit for release on the then upcoming posthumous studio album “Ja, Zoo”. Fellow musician I.N.A., along with Yamaha’s VOCALOID synthesis engine, have now recreated the song, which will be released on an album commemorating hide’s 50th birthday. This album will also include remastered versions of 15 other popular songs of hide’s. Finally, the first press limited edition version of the album will include the original demo track as well. Both versions will be available starting December 10 at a price point of 3000 JPY/3800 JPY for the standard and limited editions respectively.

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