VOCADOL Site Officially Opens

The official website for the VOCALOID-themed mobile game VOCADOL is now open, revealing a cast of eight characters—Lily, Merli, Aoki Lapis, Anon, Kanon, CUL, kokone and MIZKI. The freemium game is billed as a combination of idol raising game and mystery adventure, and it is expected to be available on both iOS 7+ and Android 4+ platforms sometime in 2015. People who register their email address beforehand will supposedly receive a special in-game item when the game formally launches. Author Kuroda Kenji, known for his mystery novels as well as Gyakuten Saiban novelizations, will be establishing the background and writing the script, and Yoshitaka Ushiki of Yumekui Merry and “Advent Cirno” fame will be responsible for the main visuals.

The character description page assigns every one a birthday (same as initial release date) as well as an age, likes and dislikes. While both 18 year olds Anon and Kanon like bread, Anon likes history while Kanon likes sports, instead. It’s apparently not clear what Anon dislikes, while Kanon doesn’t really dislike anything. Meanwhile, 18-year-old MIZKI likes Japanese-style accessories, folding fans and kanzashi (Japanese hair accessory), but hates summer and hot places. Lily, who is supposed to be 17, is apparently fond of honey and lemons, but doesn’t like crows. CUL, who is 16, likes dogs but hates bitter-tasting stuff, and 14-year-old kokone likes delicious food but hates dissonance. Finally, elder sister Merli (17) likes butterflies and dance but hates spiders, whereas younger sister Aoki Lapis (15) likes cookies and the smell of rain but is scared of ghosts.

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