AHS Announces March 18 Release Date for Yukari V4

According to the latest press release from AH-Soft, the VOCALOID4 version of Yuzuki Yukari will be released on March 18. The three individual Yukari flavors (Jun, Onn, Lin) will be available as both a download and boxed package, whereas AH-Software will also be releasing a “complete” boxed package containing all three as well as a starter pack that also includes VOCALOID4 Editor.

The VOCALOID4 update for Yuzuki Yukari consists of three different voices—“Jun” (pure) for a natural voice similar to the original, “Onn” (calm) for a whispery voice, and “Lin” (clear) for a more powerful voice. Of course, the three VOCALOID4 voices are cross-synthesizable and have growl functionality as well. The releases also include AH-Software’s signature “exVOICE” audio samples (breath sounds, effects and spoken phrases) as well as introductory applications “Music Maker Silver”, “Charamin Studio 90-day-version” and “Video Easy SE”. The download version (available only for the individual voices) is less expensive compared to the boxed package version, and discounts are available for previous owners of AH-Software products as well as previous owners of Yuzuki Yukari V3. Prices are summarized in the chart below; all prices are subject to additional tax.

Product Boxed Package Download Yukari Customers AH-Soft Customers
Jun 10800 JPY 8000 JPY 6000 JPY 8500 JPY
Onn 10800 JPY 8000 JPY 6000 JPY 8500 JPY
Lin 10800 JPY 8000 JPY 6000 JPY 8500 JPY
Complete 23800 JPY -n/a- 16000 JPY 18800 JPY
Starter Pack 29800 JPY -n/a- 22500 JPY 24800 JPY

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