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MikuPa and Saigo no Kanshasai – Concert Results and Reactions

Source: Hatsune Miku Facebook

The two day back-to-back Vocaloid concert set that occurred on 3/8 and 3/9 respectively have been viewed by tens of thousands. It’s time for someone from Vocaloidism to highlight what we’ve seen, and to weigh the impact. Have a look after the break.

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Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #221

GUMICUL by アリコシ


Riding atop a new computer with a faster, better wireless connection, redemption2 returns with a mission, to bring everyone their Vocaran fix! This one up, #221! As if to make up for last week’s lack of new content, we have a distinct lack of old content.

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PowerFX Vocaloid3 Update

PowerFX logo

PowerFX steps it up for the Engloids regarding Vocaloid3

On August 20th, PowerFX CEO Bil Bryant made a statement to the Engloids blog stating a potential price and release date of their first Vocaloid3 product.  In an effort to get more details about this release, I contacted PowerFX on behalf of Vocaloidism.  Their reply, made by Production Manager Andreas Tyson, is somewhat different.

redemption2:  Is the software on target for its release date?   If not, when is the new release date?
Tyson:  Yes, and we are aiming for an early November release.

redemption2:  Will this voicebank be released as the others have been in Taiwan?
Tyson:  Yes it will.

This release date is a revision from the initial reports on the Engloids blog, which stated an approximate release date around October 1st.  And, try as I might I could not get any information as to the character model, or even a silhouette.  They are keeping a very tight lid on this new character.  I suppose we will have to wait until November to see what they pull out of their hat.

International Debut: Sekiranun Graffiti (Release Update)

Sekiranun Album Cover

Miku is getting a release on both sides of the Pacific at once!  Composed by Ryo of supercell, with music by Dixie Flatline, a new single hits shelves and downloads on August 31st.  “Sekiranun Graffiti”/”Fallin’ Fallin’ Fallin’ ” will be available in the US, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and Hong Kong, all at the exact same time, with a physical disk available in Japan and Taiwan.  This will be the first time a Vocaloid single has been released in the US the same time as in Japan.

Yûichi Takahashi, the character designer and animation director of Macross Frontier, has directed, designed, and co-illustrated the title song’s music video.  Sekiranun Graffiti is also going to be the opening theme of the upcoming Project Diva ~extend~.

iTunes is listing the album for $3.99 US. MP3 has the album listed for $4.95 US. Both are listing individual tracks for $0.99 US per track.

Source: ANN, Oricon

The Vocaloid Experience at Anime Expo 2011

ステージ ("Stage"), by 108

With AnimeExpo over for the 2011 calendar year, our stomachs filled with sushi and Pocky, and we get used to the jet lag after getting back to our respective time zones, reflecting on this year’s four-day event comes naturally.  Without a doubt, I have to say that AX2011 was an experience in all things Vocaloid.  Read what our editors and blog followers had to say about the events after the break.

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Mikunopolis at Anime Expo – A Con-goer’s Guide



If you’ve been following the blog lately, and I know you have, the Miku Comes to Los Angeles article has become inundated with updates, so many that it’s become completely impossible to get any information from it.  So here’s a handy guide to the news, events, and guests of AnimeExpo 2011.

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Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #179 – The Aftermath of Too Much Awesome

Vocaloid by Shiuka

Source: Shiuka

Vocaloid NND Weekly Ranking
Weekly Vocaloid Ranking “Unselected”

*Pokes head in* Hello? Hmm… well apparently Pengy must’ve passed out and left this here. I’m sure he’s so exhausted and emotionally drained after MikuPa, so I guess I’ll MC for today. New songs, old favorites, and confusing exclusions abound. #179 Vocaran after the break!

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An Interview with DoofusP

Circus Monster and Sub-Characters

Source: Kami-chan

In recent Vocaloid news, a P known as matt9five appeared on the Vocaran with the song “Circus Monster,” shown below.  This was quite a surprise and an achievement to the English-speaking Vocaloid community.  I recently had the pleasure to sit down and message matt9five, who prefers to be called DoofusP.  DoofusP has been a Vocaloid contributor on Youtube for many years in almost all aspects, from covers to original music to Miku Miku Dance creations and back again.  Most recently, his original creation “Circus Monster” breached the Weekly Vocaran, reaching 110th place in Week 169, 14th in 170, and 31st in 171.  His exclusive interview with Vocaloidism regarding his experience in this groundbreaking event is after the break.

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Vocaloid Software Companies – A Year-End Analysis

Vocaloid Family

O HAI GUIZE, remember this image?

The recent explosion of Vocaloid voice samples in recent months have brought out a number of new companies that are releasing the software packages. New companies to the Vocaloid community like Bplats and Sony have joined the ranks that include the well-established groups like Crypton, Zero-G, and PowerFX. It’s time to step back a bit and look at what each has accomplished thus far, and what may be in their future.

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Black Rock Shooter OVA – Review

It’s the very late Black Rock Shooter OVA review! WEEEE~!!!

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