International Debut: Sekiranun Graffiti (Release Update)

Sekiranun Album Cover

Miku is getting a release on both sides of the Pacific at once!  Composed by Ryo of supercell, with music by Dixie Flatline, a new single hits shelves and downloads on August 31st.  “Sekiranun Graffiti”/”Fallin’ Fallin’ Fallin’ ” will be available in the US, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and Hong Kong, all at the exact same time, with a physical disk available in Japan and Taiwan.  This will be the first time a Vocaloid single has been released in the US the same time as in Japan.

Yûichi Takahashi, the character designer and animation director of Macross Frontier, has directed, designed, and co-illustrated the title song’s music video.  Sekiranun Graffiti is also going to be the opening theme of the upcoming Project Diva ~extend~.

iTunes is listing the album for $3.99 US. MP3 has the album listed for $4.95 US. Both are listing individual tracks for $0.99 US per track.

Source: ANN, Oricon

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5 thoughts on “International Debut: Sekiranun Graffiti (Release Update)”

  1. Thanks Red, you may want to provide the following links:
    It’s available on Amazon MP3
    The Official PV is on YouTube too

    I’m not overly enthusiast about Sekiranun, I mean not like I was for Kocchi muite. Besides it’s a Sony Music CD so I’ll pass, there’s plenty enough independant labels around full of good Vocaloid music.

    BTW, today is Mikus anniversary right ? If you have money I strongly suggest you to check Karent special release:

  2. Damn, I just put in an Amazon Japan order too. Now I need to wait until my next batch of stuff to order this. Not into MP3 downloads, would rather import the CD.

    I really need a way to keep up on all upcoming Vocaloid CDs so I don’t always find out about them right before or after they actually release.

  3. The PV will be the opening? Aw, it’s great and all, but I was hoping the opening will be the same as the first two Project DIVA OPs.

    1. I didn’t say that.  I said the SONG was going to be the OP for Project Diva.  I didn’t say the PV was.

  4. Is this CD contains the PV also. Or does the PV include in the DVD from limited first press edition??? 
    can anyone who already owned a copy of this CD tell me about this???

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