Author: redemption2

Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #221

  Riding atop a new computer with a faster, better wireless connection, redemption2 returns with a mission, to bring everyone their Vocaran fix! This one up, #221! As if to make up for last week’s lack of new content, we have a distinct lack of old content.

PowerFX Vocaloid3 Update

On August 20th, PowerFX CEO Bil Bryant made a statement to the Engloids blog stating a potential price and release date of their first Vocaloid3 product.  In an effort to get more details about this release, I contacted PowerFX on behalf of Vocaloidism.  Their reply, made by Production Manager Andreas Tyson, is somewhat different. redemption2: 
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An Interview with DoofusP

In recent Vocaloid news, a P known as matt9five appeared on the Vocaran with the song “Circus Monster,” shown below.  This was quite a surprise and an achievement to the English-speaking Vocaloid community.  I recently had the pleasure to sit down and message matt9five, who prefers to be called DoofusP.  DoofusP has been a Vocaloid
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