Boffins’ SkeletonBot Gets Vocaloid Upgrade

Source: Hikaru Hino

At CEATEC Japan 2009, Boffin, in joint with Yamaha, had its HRP-4C react to the Vocaloid software.  It was dressed up in Hatsune Miku cosplay and moved its head and mouth in synch to the music.  Upon its demonstration, the life-size Miku sang “Melt” and “World is Mine”.  This article was originally posted by The Sun.

Boffin has been researching the use of the human skeletal structure to create lifelike robots.  The HRP-4C has been shown on electronics show floors as a fashion model robot, before being put in Miku cosplay for this latest demonstration.

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  2. OMG! thats amazing! what has technology come to!? lets hope they end up like persecoms, ' cause i wanna buy one!!!!

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