Thanksgiving Sentiments to Vocaloid and V-ism

"Autumn" by さく
"Autumn" by さく

Note: The views expressed by this article are not necessarily the views of Vocaloidism and its staff.  Unless they suddenly feel like making me staff, I’m simply another user with something to say.

Once again, the days are fast approaching where we reflect on what we’re thankful for, at least, those of us users in the USA.  With the seasons changing and people completely forgetting about the holiday between Halloween and Christmas, let us gather around the table and give thanks while we pig out on food that will inevitably make us too sleepy to remember which new Miku tune we last listened to.

A couple of weeks ago, I ran a Miku-remake of an old Anime Classic tune by one of my friends who is very into Anime music.  She didn’t really feel it was that good, and it was just another Hatsune-mix to throw into the pile.  She then admitted to me that she didn’t really see the point of Vocaloid in general.  Now, being a devoted member of V-ism, I began explaining to her some of the things that I’m going to highlight here, things in the Vocaloid universe we should all be thankful for.

1st Thanks:  To Crypton and Yamaha for making the Vocaloid software in the first place.  This year’s introduction of Megurine Luka and the announcement of not only a new male Vocaloid, but “Project If…” and the appendices to Miku’s vocal library, shows they have not been stagnant this year, and are still working hard at bringing more surprises to the public.

2nd Thanks:  To SSM Internet, the ones that brought us Gackpoid and Megpoid.  What was originally thought to be competition turned out to be compilation, as the pop artists that made us love Japanese music in the first place carved out their mark in the Vocaloid canon.

3rd Thanks:  To NicoNicoDouga, for without them, the Vocaloid craze wouldn’t have even existed.  Since the Ievan Polka and leekspin they’ve been faithfully hosting the genius of the producers, and even produced the VocaRan, MMDRan, etc etc.

4th Thanks:  To the concept of Vocaloid itself, and this by far will be my biggest thanks.  Because of the existence of voice synth software, songwriters and producers from around the world have finally had the chance to cut loose and show their stuff.  Where willing singers were few, far between, and expensive to hire, Vocaloid was there as a permanent hire and was much less expensive in respect.  This is the big thing that my friend did not understand.  She saw all Vocaloid music as “Hatsune Miku sings …” and not “_____P presents Hatsune Miku in…”  The point of Vocaloid was not for Crypton to boast about how many songs users can make her sing, but to feature the songwriters and producers behind them.  That is the true power of Vocaloid, something we should all be thankful for.

5th Thanks:  To the producers that post on NND that bring us new entertainment on a daily basis.  It’s because of them that Vocaloid canon was brought to life.  They created the universes of Alice, the Daughter/Servant of Evil, Toeto, and yes, even the Dancing Samurai.  They’ve brought us worlds that are limitless in their potential, and if you need proof of that, then just sit back and wait for Black Rock Shooter in the spring.  With a BRS success, that opens all of the Vocaloid universes to be made into animation, saving an industry that has boiled down to basic clichés and remakes.

6th Thanks:  To the artists, 2D and 3D, that have become a staple for Vocaloid videos.  It’s because of them that we see the gorgeous art on every blog post.  It’s because of them that Kio, Broather, Tripshots, Anomaru, and Nanami Watabe have become names we all recognize.

7th Thanks:  To all the fans of Vocaloid that have kept the craze alive all this time.  It’s because of all of us that we get to hear and see more every day, driving the artists, producers, and Crypton to create.  It’s because of fans that this blog site itself exists, and it’s because of fans that it will stay alive.

Now that I’ve spread my whole banquet of thanks onto the table, I’d like to call out for all of the fans and staff of V-ism to share what they are most thankful for, be it a single song, or a global thanks.

And finally thanks to all of you who read this article.  When November 27th rolls around, Happy Thanksgiving.


PS: Thanks JM and DT for the image, Thanksgiving and Vocaloid don’t exactly tend to mix keywords, and I couldn’t find anything that worked.

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7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Sentiments to Vocaloid and V-ism”

  1. DT: That was on purpose until I could find a worthwhile top image, since you reprimanded me for the last one that didn't have it. You wound up beating me to the punch anyway.

    1. Well, I believe the above image was found by JM actually. Though I got to review your post first when it was up. ^ ^;;

      And by the way I am not really reprimanding you or anything, it's more of a reminder actually. But still, we are appreciative of your contributions to Vocaloidism. Thanks. =)

  2. Amen man. I feel like the Vocaloid fandom is one of the greatest things I thank for exsisting and all these songs that can relate to all of us. The Vocal Synthesizer/Androids are greatly increasing upon us. Beautiful technology, that has feelings I say. Thank you for this post! <3
    But I also thank Zero-G for creating the first Vocaloids. Japanese vocaloid fandom would not be the same without their early invention.
    I will keep Vocaloid in my heart as long as I thrive to live :3

    1. I agree with you on thanking Zero-G for being the pioneer company, and also for their increasing interest on the Vocaloid fandom. And let's not forget PowerFX either, who released the first Vocaloid2 ever and are currently working on a new one.

      1. Oh sorry ^^"
        I knew I forgot about Sweet Ann being the first Vocaloid 2, thanks for pointing it out! Dates just mess me up. @_@
        After the Sonika Design contest, I really hope there will be more fun events in Zero-G and the Engloids would possible increase their popularity!
        I was wondering….Is anyone going to give thanks to Vocaloid in front of your family or friends? Cause I am! 😀

  3. Weird coincidence, I'm listening to Alice right now. ^_^ I'm very thankful for Vocaloid too, because without it I would probably never get to hear such wonderful songs: songs that make me laugh, songs that make me cry (looking at you 「カムパネルラ」), and songs that are just simply amazing.

    Wait, do you mean 「Alice」 by 古川P or 「人柱Alice」? 'Cuz I was talking about the first one, but the latter is way more popular, so… 6_6;

  4. I'd like to say my thanks to translators and YT importers.

    I have a NND, Piapro, and a Pixiv and am able to use the sites easily enough, but importers, reporters and translators make it so much easier to access things. Being able to know about a new vocaloid right after they're announced and knowing the gap between the English and Japanese fanbase at least has a bridge is awesome. Not all fandoms have so many wonderful people spreading the news.

    Of course, the fanbase as a whole is just amazing. Vocaloid is and amazing phenomena.

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