Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #110 – “Don’t Say Lazy”

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As you all prolly know by now, the Vocaforums have been missing for almost a week now. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem for me, but unfortunately the forums also hold my generic template for making these ranking review articles (which I simple copy-and-paste for convenience). Now watch as I struggle to rewrite everything from scratch! Actually, you guys wouldn’t be able to watch… but trust me, I AM agonizing over this. If there are any noticable changes in the format from the past WVR articles, blame it all on my bad memory. orz

NOTES: History: Red = DK, Green = DT, Blue = JM, Purple = dez

“It’s true that there’s a completely new vocaloid made by Yamaha, the rumored “Vocaloid2 SF-A2 miki”, and the vocaloid is being put out by AHS (AH-Software)… the information is complicated. An announcement will be made on November 13th at ASCii.jp.

We have more news! There’s also an event this week. A Vocaloid-only event, “The Voc@loid M@ster 10”, in the display hall on the second floor of the Ikebukuro Sunshine City cultural center on November 15th.

((Now I’m not entirely sure on the translation on the first part, so if anyone has any corrections, I’m completely open to them. Long story short is we’ll most likely be getting some more information about “miki” very soon.)) ^_^

Final Thoughts: Truly, there is some epic troll messing with the flaws of the ranking system. I can’t really go into details about it, but I think it’s a rebellious response to what happened to MELTDOWN. The system desperately needs to be tweaked more. A little bit of Heuristics goes a long way for these types of rankings. On the brighter side, I find it funny that くるみ☆ぽんちお was excluded from the ranks (for obvious reasons) even though it was at the top of the NND weekly rankings.

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16 thoughts on “Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #110 – “Don’t Say Lazy””

  1. You know, you guys need a major statistical analyst on the team. What I suggest is this: I'll start tracking the top 3 for each week until it's off of the top 100, then plot the results to be analyzed by the full crew. I think our biggest problem is that we aren't tracking the data as well as we could, and just making educated guesses without any data backing it up.

    1. Well, if you'd like to do that, feel free to do so. We could use a statistical analyst, so if you want to be part of the team just tell me and I'll make you an editor. 😀

      1. Well, sure, if you really want to. But just like dez, I don't think I'd be posting for a week until I feel I've actually done my part towards it. I mean so far I've only done two editorials and the BoffinBot thingy. Not exactly what I would call significant contributions to the V-ism community. Hopefully I'll have some better numbers to work with off of the 111 VocaRan.

    2. Okay, I plugged the numbers in and added them to the charts. Starting with 109 (Since the embed player makes it much easier to access) I've been tracking five entries: sm8641965, sm8613443, sm8619805, sm7528841, and sm8685012. All of these have made it into the top 3 in either 109 or 110, and for those that climbed up, I backtracked and added their entries *coughJBFcough*. I've come to a few conclusions about the oddities. Bakuhatsushiyo, which went from 2 to 50 in one week, suffered from PV-death. Someone made a PV that was way better than a static image of an explosion and switched their mylist entries to that one instead. Completely crushed the original's hope for a repeat or a higher drive. As for JBF, it looks like the main factor that it went up so high really was because of the 2m milestone. It's the first time I've ever seen comments count for 10% of the overall points, even after the spam recalculation. I'll have more information as the weeks go by. Maybe we'll be able to extrapolate some kind of trend formula to make sense of this craziness.

  2. i think the usual trend for a "one-shot" hit song is to hit the number one spot on its debut week if uploaded early in the week, and hit no.2 to no.10 slot in the next weekly ranking(this is due to many still would listen to the song as they would just had listened it first in the previous ranking), and just slip away( 1925, puzzle, no logic, tsumi to batsu, all by miku). few songs defy this projection (mrs. pumpkin by miku, paradichlorobenzene by len, and usually this is the clue that they would still can be seen in more weeks.)

  3. Well, the ranking system certainly isn't perfect, but it's still working well enough. I'm not exactly sure which rankings you're finding suspicious, but as with last week, I think there's explanations for most of the behavior seen this week.

    – Overall, scores have gone back down in contrast to the high scores seen last week, which has allowed the long-runners to creep back up a bit.
    – The #30 song was uploaded on Nov. 1, 19:59, very close to the start of the ranking period on Nov. 2, 5:00. It's no surprise that it would jump so many places.
    – "Urotander" is always an aberrant, garnering loads of comments – but it in fact scored fewer points this week than last, only increasing its rank because last week was such a high-scoring period.
    – "Luka Luka Night Fever" and "Double Lariat" have probably seen bumps this week because "Just Be Friends" got its millionth view this past week. The million-view celebration also explains JBF's #2 ranking this week.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see "Campanella" (GUMI's song on #6) stay in the Top 10. I thought it would have dropped, since it didn't take a lot of points last week (relatively), but it's good to see that it's held so steadily. She's still lacking a #1 ranking, and I hope we don't have to wait until the 1-year anniversary to see it. On a side note, a lot of the commenters seemed to be apprehensive when they saw JBF in 2nd, out of fear of what was going to follow in the top spot – only to breathe a sign of relief once the top rank was revealed. I guess it snuck up on everyone!

    1. Oh… I had forgotten about samfree… He might be Crypton's next Vocaloid as well. He fits all the hints as well. With his songs jumping up in the rankings it might be an indication that some type of information leaked.

    2. Oh, that's totally true! I didn't even realize about JBF until you mentioned it. Does this mean next week 結ンデ開イテ(ry is going to be in the top three again? That'd be fine by me too. 😀

    1. R-18 was uploaded on November 9 at 05:02:36 AM (Japan Time). The ranking, on the other hand, recorded the points of a song from November 2 at 05:00:00 AM to November 9 at 05:00:00 AM. It's really, to make R-18 receive the most points it can possibly have in a week, so that it'll score high in the next weekly ranking. See how it's uploaded right after 5 AM? ^_^

        1. It IS cosMo we're talking about. Well, the next ranking would be interesting – とくP uploaded a new song as well and I want to know how well will it do in the ranking. =/

  4. hmm.. Luka Luka Night fever probabaly returned to the rankings due to someone making a good cover to the the song w/c became really popular, it's included in the VOC@LOID GENERATION ALBUM.
    I think the same thing happened to "Palette" when somebody made a very good cover for it (I think it's hana) it returned in the rankings.

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