Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #111 – “S.N.A.F.U.”

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Hmm… Recently I’ve started checking the Weekly NND Vocaloid Ranking (not related to WVR… I think)  to predict what songs will make the Top-30 and catch up/listen to a few that manage to pique my interest. The result is, reviewing the WVR just became an even more mundane chore. Hopefully I could count on redemption2 to calculate and give meaning to the rise and fall of certain songs and make things a little more interesting.

With that said, let’s just go right ahead into the review.

(Please take note that from now on, every WVR review will be a “progressive” article – that means it will be published almost immediately after the WVR video is uploaded on NND, so comments on songs might be a little bare at first)


History: Red = DK, Green = DT, Blue = JM, Purple = dez, Orange = red2

Anyone notice that in the intro, they left a space for a new Crypton Vocaloid instead of tweaking the spacing? I think we might be getting an announcement soon.


Three new Vocaloids will be released on December 4th by “jam band” creator AHS. Although Miki-san was announced first, I have a feeling that the other two will certainly surpass expectations.

Kaai Yuki-chan, made using an elementary schooler as a model, as well as a singer taking part in the Vocaloid development as a model for Hiyama-sensei… With these two, the Vocaloid neighborhood will be getting even bigger, huh? I hope there’s even more activity from here on out.

In addition to the bigger Vocaloid news, here’s some CD news as well. The creator of songs such as “Po Pi Po” ラマーズP’s album, “Exit Tunes Presents the Complete Best of ラマーズP”, will be released on November 18th.

((As always, if anyone has any corrections or a better wording, by all means let us know!))


Welp, that’s it… That’s seriously all I have to say about this week’s ranking…

…Alright, alright…! To be honest, I was excited about something else (also Vocaloid related… sorta) to pay enough attention to this week’s WVR. I really wanted to blog about it, but I feel that now is not the right time. So for now, lemme just give you guys a hint: 1) if you like Utatte Mita, then you’ll most probably like her, 2)Just Be Friends…

Statistical Analysis:

First let me thank the V-ism staff for letting me on board.  Allow me to introduce myself.  I’m redemption2, you can call me red or red2, that’s fine by me.  Each week, starting back with 109, I will be following the ranking statistics of the top three on the charts for that week, and the ones from past weeks in the hopes that we can get a pattern down as to why they fall at the speed they do.  I plan to publish a few blogs on the subject separately once I get enough data, but I’ll also comment on my predictions here.

I’m going to be busy keeping track of all of these.  Most of the ones I was tracking took major hits, and the first three are all new.  I just hope my spreadsheets can keep up.

As you may know Bakuhatsushiyo tanked to 50th place in 110, and today it hit 83.  Most likely I won’t see it in 112.  Druaga also dropped to 44 this week.  And, as we expected, Kimi-Boshi lost all its support and went to 40.

It appears to me that after its initial week, and subsequent weeks after, a song will lose anywhere from 50% to 75% of its initial value.  There are outliers to this, such as JBF, which resumed a sustained amount after their 2m celebration.  Unless a stable fanbase comes around each week to listen often enough, the video will continue to drop.  Because of its incredible popularity, Chain Girl sustained 3rd place, however it again lost half of its points this week.  And at 62,000, it’s likely we won’t see it on the countdown again, and if we do, it will be very low indeed.

Projections:  With three new samfree tunes on their way up, we might have a samfree blitz in the top 30.  Also the sequel to Imitation Black was recently released, so Natsu is heading up the charts again.  JBF will sink into its stable pattern once again around 10-15.  R-18 and Alice might stick around the top ten for another week, but unless Desire decides to rise instead of fall, that one is on the plank, like Kimi-Boshi was the week before.

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      1. Problem is JBF has been covered by so many Nico artists that it's impossible to just keep guessing until you tell us. Unless you're working on some type of blow-us-out-of-the-water mega-chorus, I think you've basically got us stumped.

  1. Hate to ask so brazenly, but could you guys hook me up with editor status. I've gone through the numbers and I have some predictions, but this comments section kills my browser whenever I put a line break into my comments. Besides, I figure you could use a data analysis section at the bottom.

        1. Welcome, red2. By the way can you please register in the forums as the staff members will be holding their discussions there and it would be good to introduce yourself to other members as well. =) Thanks.

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