Project DIVA Arcade Begins Location Tests

source: やまびぽ and 弐○伍 (collab)
Image source: やまびぽ and 弐○伍 (collab)

Around Christmas, there was a fairly quiet announcement about the Project DIVA Arcade game getting two location tests. We didn’t write about it at the time, as there was fairly little to cover (and maybe we were just a little preoccupied with getting and giving gifts). That said, however, the first of the two loketests is now underway, and some videos are beginning to show up on the net.

Forum user IAF spotted the loketest videos being uploaded to YouTube by user wx8084. The first of his videos is embedded below, and there are more available on his profile.

And here’s the original loketest announcement, along with some basic information:

LokeTest 1 (Jan. 08-11) Locations:

  • Club Sega Akihabara
  • Ikebukuro GiGO
  • Club Sega Tachikawa
  • Sega World Dream Factory
  • LokeTest 2 (Jan. 15-18) Locations:

  • Keikyū Kawasaki Station store ‘Silk Hat’
  • Nishi-Yokohama Station store ‘Round One’
  • Palette Town’s ‘Tokyo Leisure Land’
  • If we could only be there to try the game ourselves! And we will keep you informed when there’s more information regarding this.

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    9 thoughts on “Project DIVA Arcade Begins Location Tests”

    1. I screamed, "Neruu~" At the screen when I saw she is "playable". Neat little touch screen i see..
      Yess, Disruptive Diva.. I love that song. Looks great! I wanna play it though D; SOMEONE BOOTLEG IT.

          1. I thought it might be optional actually, you know, like Tekken! I hope it is anyway, haha. If we're lucky they might sell online.

            1. It IS optional, at the start screen there you can see "カードでプライ" (Card Play) and "ゲストプレイ" (Guest Play). But I'd love to get that VocaloidPoint card. =/

      1. I think it's just going to be like in the PSP. You can see Neru and Haku in the video above, but I think there're MEIKO, KAITO, Rin and Len as well. =D

    2. I'm kinda disapointed with the gameplay… They have the nice touch screen that they could use, but instead it's controlled by 4 giant buttons… I wonder if the machines have any sort of internet connection so that new edit data can be uploaded automatically. If they play it smart they could probably get new songs up fairly soon after they're released/become popular.

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