Author: Tari

Update: Vocaloid Otaku back online!

Status update on June 04, 2011 - Vocaloid Otaku is back online as of earlier today. The site is currently still marked as a dangerous site, but part of Azure's announcement about the return of VO explains that it's a false warning that should be resolved soon: The infection will hopefully be resolved sometime soon. We'll post when we've gotten word that it's safe. Until then, browse with care, or simply stay away for a day or two until the all-clear is given.

Hiroyuki Itoh speaks at Hatsune Miku Live (Encore) in San Francisco

As some of you may recall, Miku had her first 'Live Concert' in the US back in September. We, unfortunately, weren't able to be present at the event. However, the turnout for that was high enough that they scheduled an encore performance on the 11th of October, complete with a guest appearance by, as they put it, "The creator of Miku." We did manage to attend this event.

The CEO of Crypton Future Media, Inc., Hiroyuki Itoh, was the aforementioned "creator of Miku," and was present at the beginning of the encore concert to give a presentation about what Vocaloids were and how they've evolved. Prior to Mr. Itoh's presentation, there was a short lead-in by the editor-in-chief of Tokyo Kawaii Magazine (an iPod/iPhone e-magazine), Toshihiro Fukuoka, during which he talked briefly about their upcoming, Hatsune Miku-centric, November issue. As a number of Vocaloidism members were in attendance, we have a 5-part (shaky, phone-cam'd) recording of both the presentation and the lead-in, for your viewing pleasure (after the break).

Project DIVA Arcade Begins Location Tests

Around Christmas, there was a fairly quiet announcement about the Project DIVA Arcade game getting two location tests. We didn't write about it at the time, as there was fairly little to cover (and maybe we were just a little preoccupied with getting and giving gifts). That said, however, the first of the two loketests is now underway, and some videos are beginning to show up on the net....