Update: Vocaloid Otaku back online!

Status update on June 04, 2011Vocaloid Otaku is back online as of earlier today.

The site is currently still marked as a dangerous site, but part of Azure’s announcement about the return of VO explains that it’s a false warning that should be resolved soon:

“It seems that VO is being marked as malware infected yet again. The new warning must’ve been issued earlier today, when it was still actually infected. I’ve reissued the order to review it and hopefully tomorrow _everything_ will be finally alright.”

Outdated information below:

Status update on May 14th 2011 – Azure has opened up the old VO forums until things have been resolved.

Original post – This may be old news to some of you, but a few days ago, our friends at VocaloidOtaku were hit with some sort of malware. Without getting into details, it makes clicking on some links at VO unsafe and, as a result, makes browsing the site a bit risky.

The infection will hopefully be resolved sometime soon. We’ll post when we’ve gotten word that it’s safe.

Until then, browse with care, or simply stay away for a day or two until the all-clear is given.

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42 thoughts on “Update: Vocaloid Otaku back online!”

    1. Yeah sucker haxxors too lazy to install good malware that effects the spectrum of OS(s) evenly (⊙△⊙)

      L4ZY H4XX0R5 >:

  1. ヽ(´∇`)ノ I got alerted in my RSS feeds to this new piece of news—all I read was "Vocaloid Otaku" and I was all "WHOA. MAYBE IT'S BACK ONLINE NOW 8D"

    Sadly, I was hyped up. *continues browsing VO on IE9*

  2. sigh i hate this evil stuff taht happens to us fan run sites really now all i can see is some kind of an evil person releasing this malware on a friendly site

  3. My Google Chrome says this is srs bsns, and comes up with 'This site may harm your computer' in Google searches… I'm not taking any chances.

    Hopefully it will be dealt with soon; I can't stand a day without VO.

  4. Pointless Malware attack is pointless….
    Somebody obviously with nothing better to do with their life then to bother other people.

  5. Same here for FF4, I'm sad since VO is an awesome site and I have no idea why ANYBODY would want to attack it!

    1. It's left me time to get shit done


      I don't want to get shit done, I want to stalk VO damnit

  6. I'm known as Black Crystal Wisher on the VO. I so want this site to come back alive! D:

    I miss chatting with my friends… and half the peeps I know there don't even know my email for Windows Live chatting… DX

    *sigh* I miss the VO…

    1. This is MyRoseBlue! Did you see the update? They have opened up the old forums! We can still chat! ^^

  7. Anyone know when the site is safe? I can't even view the site because my security blocks me even going onto the site due to the malware =_=;;;

  8. T^T f***ing jerks those hackers… no seriously f*** them… anyone who attacks a vocaloid- related site is an enemy of the vocaloids… AND AN ENEMY OF ME!!! >:(

  9. Hey, this is "Hikaru-chan" from VO… ^_^
    So…I can no longer view the site on my iPhone or iPad (which worked just fine until about Tuesday). I am concerned as to whether or not this can actually be solved. So many sites get killed like this. : ( (I'm using a Mac, btw, and I'm sure I can get on using that, but I'm still scared to try… … >.<)

    I hope this problem gets resolved soon. Even if it means starting over, I won't mind. I kinda miss getting my daily dose of VO. >///<

  10. "…. site might be deleted entirely altogether."

    FFFFFFFFF– why NOW? Amidst the wave of US Miku news? There's so much opinions to share and discuss…

    1. Don't lose hope, if the site is remade, you'll still have a place to discuss things. Even if the old posts are all gone, you can still start afresh =)

  11. I too can not access VO due to the 'possible infection', or as we all know it by, the malware.

    I cry inside (T–T) even though I didn't do much on there except stalk.
    In fact if anybody but Random remembers me, I'd be shocked.
    But (online) life is meaningless without you guys, so get well soon VO, I'm counting on you!

  12. I can't even seen the main page… can't connect to the server, it's said T_T
    Hope the problem will be resolved soon… start again from scratch is alright. this make me stressed > <

  13. Read the update, use the old forums for now.
    It's sad that the entire thing may end up being erased, but if people exchanged details with each other… then no big harm was done. As long as the community stays strong, then nothing else will be a huge obstacle.

    Also, backups everywhere.

  14. Yeah, Googling VocaloidOtaku, In the results, I get a list of some of the "profiles" that the malware added to the VO fora and they were things like {Female Celebrity's Name} {salacious attribue cut off midwo–}

  15. Konnichiwa my kawaii friends.

    I’m sad to announce that Vocaloid Otaku will not be returning due to its declining popularity and this is the final straw. I have enjoyed my time with every single one of you and I wish you all the best.

    Domo, A.

    1. Excuse me… but is there an official announcement you can link? We’ve not received any information regarding the disbandment of VO, and V-ism will not confirm nor deny any such claims without solid proof. Thank you.

  16. Hm, the same thing happened with NekoMagic this week… Quite a coincidence.
    Well, I hope it really is just a coincidence at least :F

  17. This has been happening for over a month now :/
    My comp won't even connect to the server.
    Atleast it's being fixed.
    On the other hand:
    Alot of fanmade VOCALOID sites are being infected recently, I wonder why? Is some random person doing this one purpose (Oh, God, please not now…. PLEASE. Or ever, for that matter) or is it just a coincidence? Or is it one of those internet-wide viruses that nobody really causes or knows about until it's too late? And if someone IS doing it on purpose… Ugh, if I say it, my comment will get deleted, I'm pretty sure.

    1. Maybe it's some Japanese fans who are bitter about America getting Miku so they're sabotaging English-speaking forums.

      Well, that's my conspiracy theory, anyway.

    2. Well, it could be that it was the forum software. I was told that one of them got infected. vBulletin, I believe. So, it wasn't just VOCALOID fanmade sites. Other sites got affected as well.


    I have been wondering why I couldn't go there, the browser just refused to connect. Now I know.

    Stupid stupid stupid. WHO DOES THIS.

  19. Vocaloid Otaku is back online, however Chrome and Firefox users will still have trouble accessing the VO since it is still saying "www.vocaloidotaku.net" is "reported at an attack page".

  20. This shit fucked my computer (I was on before firefox detected anything awry). I've been reluctant to go back ever since it happened, even though it is one of my favorite websites, and apparently is now "safe" to use again. Still paranoid.

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