Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #119 – “Silent Waters”

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I really have nothing else to say since I’ve been busy with personal issues since last week. All I can say is, 2010 is a really bad start for me.  Well I have buckets to say.  This week is the start of the 2010 VocaRan season, and boy are there changes.  First off, everything got a makeover, including Naho (I think. My eyes are going on me xD ) and the MyList score has “graduated” to modification status.  Gone is the flat 20x modifier.  Now it’s based on the percentage of view(er)s who MyListed the song that week.  For more, here’s dez.

Thank you and hello everyone! Your friendly neighborhood death tiger here to explain the new totaling system (hinted at in previous rankings).

First of all, this is what the screen actually says:

Points: views + (comments*A) + (mylists*B)

A = (views+mylists)/(views+comments+mylists)
B = ([mylists/views]*100)*2 , otherwise 40

Now, what does this mean? Well, the comments modifier is staying the same, but now the mylist amount has a modifier as well. For those of you who don’t speak math, it’s basically double the percentage according to the views. So, the higher the ratio of views to mylists, the more points for “B”. “Otherwise it’s 40” threw me off at first, but I believe 40 is a cap on the points that B can get (i.e. it can’t go above 40).

The mylists modifier can be seen on the screen next to the word “mylist”, just like the comments modifier. Exciting, huh? (^-^)

Thanks for that.  Confused?  Want to see it in action?  Well click the jump and let’s see how it all shakes out!


-Editors: Crimson = DK, DarkGreen = DT, DarkBlue = JM, Violet = dez, Orange = red2, Olive = Tari
-Song Stats: Rank Up, Rank Down, Unmoved, Previously Unranked, NEW

Good morning everyone. It’s time for the first VocaRan of 2010.
This time, we changed the calculation method to qualify for the ranking for you.
Hurry and go watch it!

As you saw, this time the mylist calculation was taken into consideration, but it still made a smooth transition. Welcome to this year’s VocaRan!


An interesting opening week, to say the least.  I think the rule change is a little meh, but it’s not my railroad to run.

I love the new system. I think it’ll be a little weird at first, but I honestly think it’s a lot better than the old one. Cheers all around!

Heyo, sorry about my hiatus last week. It’s been a rough January for me too. I’m excited about this new ranking system, however it worries me that the modifier cap is at 40. Seeing how Mylists STILL get ridiculous amounts, I’m concerned about that modifier going higher than necessary. Also, for those who think the “Past Points” field is all-knowing, ignore it for this first round of the new system. They did not convert the points using the new modifier, so it’s inaccurate for this week. I’ll be posting a lecture later on analyzing the effects of the new system, and why the system of 2009 didn’t work right.

In any case, on with a few of the numbers. We lost 5 tracked on the countdown: Pretty Fundoshi, MMRN, Celebration, Electric Love, and Kotatsu. They all fell below the 100 rank and so, they retire from my tracker until they break the top 30 again. Transfer Robot Miku just squeaked by at 100th place. I’m surprised and saddened that this song tanked so quickly. The new modifier is too new for me to call what the effects will be for next week, so I won’t comment on that other than saying I will be paying attention. In the meantime, I have some graphs to work out. Please excuse me.

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14 thoughts on “Weekly Vocaloid Ranking #119 – “Silent Waters””

  1. Oh, and also knew that the 1st place got a lot of views, but I didn't think it would make #1, though, technically it's still Miku's voice. I haven't seen a fanmade make the top too.
    I LIKE THE NEW LAYOUT. Much more specific :3
    I thought SuzukiP's song could've done better. I also love #13! That producer hasn't gotten on for a while. still glad Unfragment stayed. I like #29, Rin and Gumi still make a nice duet :3 Oh and Rin is back with other glasses for #2, I like the rock style.
    That's about it, :/

    1. Actually, IIRC, "(somethingsomething) Tsumanne" by OwataP got in the top 3 before (it was a Yowane Haku song too). Can't recall Neru ever topping the rankings, though. Then again, I don't like Neru, so I don't pay attention to her. =D

  2. I didn't think there was really anything wrong with the old system, but I think I like the new system already, since it gives new songs a better chance to hit the Top 30. Normally, a new song will get about 1/10th the MyLists as it gets Views, so its point score will stay approximately the same as under the old ranking. Meanwhile, the long-runners tend to get a smaller MyList ratio, so they'll see point drops of around 10,000, allowing more new songs to move in.

    Well, that's how it's supposed to work theoretically, but interestingly the majority of the lower half of the top 30 this week were not new songs. I guess there weren't a lot of new releases this week, or at the very least, not enough to get to the ranking under the old standard!

    1. It kinda depends on your idea of wrong though. Yes the old system worked fine, but it was exploitable, as was shown with meltdown and it's dummy account mylist fiasco. I've also seen a video with around 800,000 views beating out songs with over 1,000,000 views due to the old x50 modifier on a yearly ranking video.
      I think I read that the same sort of thing happened around the early times of the ranking when comments didn't have a multiplier. People spammed the comment box to boost song popularity, and the multiplier was introduced to counter that.

      I like the addition of the previous week's score and percentage gain/loss. Makes it easier to tell how well the song itself did. Although it's kinda sad seeing something like -80% for a former top 3 song.

      I'm rather confused as to why BRS and Paradichlorobenzene rose… BRS had half the old mylist multiplier and still gained almost 10%. PDB actually lost 5% and still jumped 8 places. Is it just the removal of some of the older songs due to the new multiplier? My ranking spreadsheet doesn't like my mac, so I can't really check… >_<;;

  3. I like the new system now…more basis on mylists is good…
    …Now if I could figure out how to work the mylist properly…I think I've mylisted, like, two songs? I can read a good amount Japanese, but I accidentally switched to advanced viewer now and I can't figure out how to go back. Everything's confusing.

    Paradichlorobenzene <3

  4. Nice to see a Haku song in the weekly ranking but as #1 it’s even better, it just seems she’s not recognized well enough.

    1. It’s not that she’s some obscure Vocaloid, but nobody deliberately sets Miku to go into Haku-mode and expects to make good songs with it.

  5. I loled at everyone's reaction to the plastic surgery'd Naho. Someone even jokingly asked if it was Luka.

  6. I urge everyone to listen Blue which is #4 on the list. It IS good.

    Then also you can continue on with ゆよゆっぺ's other works~

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