New Multiplier, New Effects

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Though my time with Vocaloidism has so far been very short, I’ve been very busy analyzing the rankings each week, making charts to compare and contrast the methodology of the countdown.  With the addition of the new multiplier for the Mylist points, a lot of questions come out about how it will affect the ranking.  See what I’ve found out, after the break.

On ranking #119, the new multiplier of ((Mylist/Views)*100)*2 <= 40, the Mylist points are effectively reduced, however it still consists for more than a majority of the points in most cases.  This week’s top three had at least 64% of its points from Mylists with the new operator.  As I mentioned in the 119 ranking, the “Last Week’s Points” and “Percentage” fields, new for this year, was not accurate because instead of converting last week’s points to the new scale.  Because it reflects the old point scale, I’ve done some calculations where I’ve converted week 118’s results into the new scale and week 119’s results into the old scale for twelve videos on my tracker list.  Here are the results, side by side in chart form.

Calculations Using Old and New Multipliers

As you can see, it’s a big change between the two.  Not only does it reduce the total amount of points, it makes the rank race very close.  Unfragment, Battle of Flowers, and JBF were bouncing off each other for 119’s ranks on the new scale, while it wouldn’t have even come close on the old.  Now, graphics are great and all, but let’s see some actual side-by-side comparison of the data of the 119 results:

2009 Rating 2010 Rating
Marionet Syndrome 95762 Marionet Syndrome 90432
JBF 88572 JBF 66885
Unfragment 72165 Unfragment 63317
Battle of Flowers 64146 Battle of Flowers 62468
CLW 41706 The Tailor Shop On Enobizaka 31335
The Tailor Shop On Enobizaka 39498 CLW 31303
Koibito no Range 36255 Koibito no Range 27151
Kimi no Taion 33216 Kimi no Taion 27054
Syncronocity 21212 Syncronocity 19920
Magical☆Kitty Len Len 17607 Magical☆Kitty Len Len 12583
Fate:Rebirth 14410 Fate:Rebirth 10580
Transfer Robot Miku 13883 Transfer Robot Miku 10272

As you can see, there’s one change in the actual ranking of these tracked videos, and an overall reduction.  Also there’s a shift in where the competition on the countdown is.  The new calculation makes the top 30 more competitive for the top spots.  If you notice, Yandere Luka was 30 this week, and CLW was 31, with a margin of only 32 points.  If the 2009 ranking had been used, CLW would have taken the spot by nearly 2000 points.  Both videos are interesting and have things going for them beyond my personal preference, so I won’t comment on how one can get ahead of another.

Even though this new version is much more competitive, the formula is not perfect.  To reach the multiplier cap of 40, you would have to have one in every five views become a Mylist entry, a virtually impossible feat to make.  However, as you saw in this week’s top three, they blew the old cap of 20 completely off by nearly 2.5, the #1 gaining nearly 300,000 Mylist Points, a ludicrous figure.  If the multiplier cap were 20 instead of 40, a more realistic 1/10th of all views would become Mylists.  If it was capped off at that point, it would increase competition between the top lists to get the most views, a true test of a video’s popularity.

The new points system increases competition in the top 30, but it isn’t perfect.  The multiplier cap is set too high to be of any realistic use.  Only time will tell what this new system will do to the countdown, and I can’t wait to see.

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