Weekly UTAU Ranking #64 – Getting in shape

Cute girls make everything better. (image source: pixiv)

Well, here we are at week two of ‘project get more people to care about UTAU through blog posts’– er, I mean, the Weekly UTAU Ranking. First, one note: since the UtaRan and the VocaRan are normally uploaded at around the same time, to avoid messy overlap, UtaRan posts will always be made on sometime on Tuesday (EST). Today it was later than it should have been, but we’re still working out the kinks and trying to find our groove.

The title is a pun in two ways: we’re still working on getting our “article-posting” in shape, and the latest prank UTAUloid, Namine Ritsu, got an append! Ritsu’s “strong” voice is proving to be pretty popular so far. Wonder how the new version of Ritsu will do in the rankings? Read on to find out!

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Sorry for the wait! It’s time for this week’s UTAU Ranking.

Up until now, we’ve covered things like birthdays in our sections. We want to give you proper information, but it’s difficult. We’ll do it like before for this time, but in the future information except for new voice banks or important announcements, information will be on the uploader’s blog.

For this and other changes, thank you for bearing with us.

Here’s this week’s information corner. First is existing voicebank news. This week we have appends, new releases, updates…

Voicebank appends:
Namine Ritsu
Baka Maro

Wawon Wichico

Todoroki Eiichi
Sutora (link N/A at this time)
Shinomoto Karin

New distribution:
AT2_f1b (AquesTalk2)
Shokune Hina

Like before, see their respective videos.


It seems that this week, Namine Ritsu and Kasane Teto dominated the rankings. I was looking forward for Eiichi to make it to the 20’s, but I’m glad Mako did. Haruka Nana should have had more videos. I’m glad that Sora’s original still stayed, considering that doesn’t happen too often. I wonder what’s in store for Defoko’s birthday and Valentine’s day though… Needs more group songs I think…

You’re not the only one who was looking for some Eiichi. C’mon people, where’s the love for A1?

Also, I’d like to formally apologize for leaving out the “new UTAU” section, even though someone DID request it. I promise it will be covered in the future. m(_ _)m

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4 thoughts on “Weekly UTAU Ranking #64 – Getting in shape”

  1. WHAAA? Ritsu got an append? -grabby hands- Sadly, my computer can't read the foreign symbols to it called hiragana, so I don't have anything other than Defoko, Teto, and my own bank, all of which had to be romanized…

    A few comments on a few songs (I'm saving it for next week).
    OP Song – I think Momo's one of the most realistic UTAU out there, seriously. This one shocked me, right next to Momone Momo no Shoushitsu.
    18 – Kaiko looks AWESOME. -slapp'd- Nice to hear some more covers.
    17 – Thought it was the same song until I heard Ruko's voice. Eh…
    16 – Ah, the vip@2chan friends! I think vip@2chan is to the UTAURan as Crypton is to the VocaRan.
    12 – I'm a sucker for Mako, mainly because of her hairstyle. I fell in love with it.
    11 – what? WHAT?!? AIR?!?! Saving this immediately.
    36 – I never liked Nana that much, but this one's passable. Otherwise, I always thought she was a little annoying…
    58 – "What is this I don't even"? You stole my friend's line…hehehe anyway she reminds me of one of those Zetsubou-sensei girls.
    8 – It's cute and all, but…someone…those…chibis…
    6 – …ADORABLE. I'm saving this now.
    5 – This exact video has been on YouTube since forever!…anyway, Bad Apple!! is one of those songs every Vocaloid and UTAU has to cover. Along with Roshin Yuukai and PoPiPo.
    Low Ranking Videos (I'm not sure what this section is for, as well as those ten videos in the middle.) – What's with the Romeo and Cinderella covers lately? And I notice a lot of them are off timing.
    This Week In History – Hehe so only one Teto Roshin Yuukai survived…For #4, is there a program to make those? I saw a similar-schemed Momo PoPiPo remix-type-thingy. And Teto PoPiPo MK-II is awesome.
    3 – Lots of hype over this song…
    1 – Wow…just wow…but even though he's "stronger" he's a lot more…feminine. A little like…Meiko?!?!

    That schoolgirl UTAU (whatever her name is) didn't do so well this time…anyway, not only that, but the American UTAU (I still like the Kanochi Neko Bad Apple!! and the Bad Romance collab making it last week just made me laugh) almost completely dropped off. (Unlike the VocaRan, the Americans have much more of a chance in here…)

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