Counterfeit Nendoroid Puchi: Vocaloid #01!

Meiko's hair is not yellow!

If you bought a Nendoroid Puchi and wondered, “Wait, why is Meiko’s hair yellow?” You have bought a counterfeit Nendoroid Puchi!

Today, Good Smile has posted an article on counterfeit Puchi Nendoroids.   Differences are quite easy to spot actually.  Even so, anyone who is planning to buy a set should be on their toes!  So, if you are buying online make sure you are not getting the counterfeits.

Major Features of Counterfeits:

  • Keychain Attached
  • Strange colors
  • Unmovable extremities  (arm, leg, ect.)
  • Peachier complexion
  • Eyes devoid of cuteness

Next, a breakdown of the individual Puchis. Counterfeit on left; official on right.

Miku Hatsune

  • Hair Bands are completely pink
  • Clothing is missing specific details
  • Headphone details not of the same color
  • Shoe color

Rin Kagamine

  • Hair Clips
  • Arm tattoo missing
  • G clef (Treble clef) symbol in between the collar missing
  • Belt and shoe color

Len Kagamine

  • Clothes missing details (collar and shirt sleeve missing lining, yellow tag below collar not present)
  • Detached sleeves lining
  • F clef (Bass clef) symbol in between the collar missing
  • Shoe color


  • Hair color
  • Microphone color
  • Jacket’s cuffs missing lining
  • Shoe color


  • Hair color
  • Belt

Luka Megurine

  • Hair Color
  • Microphone of the same color as hair
  • Necklace missing
  • Belt and shoe details
  • Detached arm sleeve colors
  • Thigh-highs color

Neru Akita

  • Clothes are missing alot of detail
  • Headphone missing details
  • Shoe color

Haku Yowane

  • Ribbon stripe
  • Tattoo color
  • Detached sleeves color

Meiko Sakine

  • Headphone color
  • Clothes missing lining
  • Belt buckle
  • Shoe details

Saihate Miku

  • Flower color and missing details

Also remember to always buy your figures from a reputable dealer. Pictures alone will not tell the whole story, and that “too good to be true” offer shady sites may have will likely not be true at all.

Sources: Miku Blog & Good Smile Company

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30 thoughts on “Counterfeit Nendoroid Puchi: Vocaloid #01!”

  1. "Eyes devoid of cuteness"
    Hell yes.

    Seriously, I'd never fall for this. But then, I'm too close to broke to buy the Puchi, so that's probably why.
    Meiko BLONDE? Seriously, the only time I've seen her blonde was in Zetsubou-sensei…

  2. Heck, I get my eye for detail since I see a lot of these poorly painted anime stuff back here in my homeland. I would freak to get one of the counterfeits (as my only option) but I'll stay away from those things.

  3. Argh, these are ugly. I could tell even before I spotted Meiko's hair that these were dirty fakes. Wait, "were"? What am I using "were" for? These are dirty fakes and always will be!

    They're even worse close up – when I first looked at them, I recognized them as knock-offs, but close-ups with side-by-side comparisons to the official ones do them even less justice than the group photo. They don't deserve any justice anyway!

    I'd type more, but being awake at four in the morning is not exactly a good time for coherent thinking. I could probably reword my last sentence better, but again, I'm tired. I'll end this comment now to prevent any further rage that I'll probably regret after a few hours of sleep.

    1. By the way, the alt text for Haku’s comparison reads “Neru Counterfeit”. It’s a trivial error, but I just thought you should know.

      1. It's especially bad when you look at the paint job on the counterfeits. Did they even try?

        At least it's good news that Nendoroid is THAT popular to warrant counterfeits.

  4. Very poorly-made counterfeits. None of them are cute with those eyes! And what’s with that skin color? Do they have tan or something? D:

    This is madness, MADNESS!!! Dx

  5. Well, I'm glad now that people will be able to see what is an original one and what is a fake one… even though some of them are just plain obvious.

  6. oh god i just saw a shop selling these online just now. i remembered this post and i came to see it again. and oh god, those which were being sold were WORSE than the fakes in these photos

  7. Lol! I was at a convention today when I saw those. The girls around me were snatching them up like hounds when I loudly annouced that they were counterfeit. I don't think the vendor liked me very much XD It was pretty funny, though.

  8. thanks for this,I accidentally bought a fake set of Saihate Miku,Meiko,Luka,Neru and Haku on ebay >_< knew 12$ dollar figures were too good to be real…….

  9. Wow I've been looking for nendoroids on the internet. and I just have to say THANK YOU!!! I almost bought a whole set of counterfeits today!!!!!:$ (BTW, say my username out loud a few times. I dare you!)

  10. HELP!!! i recently purchased fake nendroid vocaloid figures! I had no idea about this, so i bought them. now im stuck with ugly little figures. is there ANY way that i can change them or something. i was totally ripped off!!!

  11. I am in canada and now i purchased a fake i already knew right away the seller who sells alot of good stuff doesnt notice vocaloids fake figures…
    i bought a neru akita one its not painted correctly eyes wrong shoes dont have right color and of course its not keychains….
    i bought it from TOYS ON FIRE.
    they have a whole set but tell me where the real ones are in-store.
    i bought their shugo chara necklace from china ( its purfectly painted and its real

  12. I just bought a group of ten of these figures for twenty dollars a few days ago… after looking at this page, I went back and had a look at the place were I had bought them from. I scrolled down, and they had added a few more pictures for these counterfeit figures. I’m not happy now >:I 

  13. I was just wondering, I saw some nenderoid vocaloids being sold at amazon, so is amazon a good seller? The reviews said the models were wonderful…

  14. only reason i would buy and plan to buy one of these is to re paint it and make my own figure nothing mare.

  15. Well sometimes when you’re really desperate to get your hands on any goods,and all you have in your country is 95% bootlegs and your just a student,it’ll only take a short time before your standards degrade and buy one of em fakes

  16. I bought a whole set of these. I am not unhappy seeing as GSC seem to have stopped making them, meaning each official individual figure can be ridiculously expensive. I bought my whole set from Ebay, but i got the whole set, they were figures, NOT keychains, and i knew they were fakes. I am looking for the official Nendoroids, but they cost a lot and one costs more than the whole set. However, even for fakes, I don’t understand why Meiko is blonde, and why for the details they only created an imprint. They’re okay, you get what you pay for, but I do much prefer the officials.

  17. I was at an art sale and one of the shops were selling these along with character from anime. I was looking at them and I told the owner “You know, these are fake, this character (MEIKO) should have brown hair!” He said he the person he bought them from were real, and obviously he didn’t know what Vocaloid was. I did buy 3 of them, but only because I don’t buy things online and I’d never be able to find a real one in my city. I got the Miku, KAITO and Len one. No keychain (They had the stand though) and they actually look somewhat better than the counterfeits shown on this site, but yeah, the colours are still the same…
    And yes, bought them knowing full well they were fakes (I still like vocaloid and for some reason like buying “fake” characters cuz it’s fun to make fun of the differences.)

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