Weekly UTAU Ranking #70 – Melancholy of an UTAU Girl

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Well looks like there haven’t been any huge hits in the UTAU world recently… still, if the trend from last week (overall points being higher) keeps up, I’ll be a happy death tiger. If the average of points keeps rising, it’s also a sign of rising popularity, right? Right?

So even with school, my part-time job, and even my friends, none of it matters, in the end, just throw it all aw– no wait, that’s not right. Rather, even with all of this going on all at once in our lives, we here at the UtaRan are determined to hang in there. However, with that having been said, I must inform you that the translations will not necessarily be part of the article as soon as it’s published– school has to come first right now, and we don’t want the cuddly neighborhood death tiger living in a cardboard box under a bridge because she flunked out of college, do we? D: In the same way, comments will be added to the article later, just like the VocaRan articles. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience the lack of our opinions might cause you. D:

But as for now, we present week 70 of the Weekly UTAU Ranking. Onward to victory!

Sorry for the wait. It’s time for this week’s UtaRan.

It’s finally starting to warm up, huh. This season is the season of hellos and goodbyes.

This season is also approaching the start of the new school year, making it a very important time. I think that this means there are a lot of things that people won’t have time to do.

As the Weekly UTAU Ranking moves toward a new year, we are aiming for a new system and are taking applications for new staff members. I think this might cause a ruckus… please bear with us.

When everyone here is comfortable with UTAU is when the 2010 term will really begin, I think.♪

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Here’s the news corner. First is the new voicebanks section. But before that, an apology. Moll was introduced last week, but was for some reason overlooked. We’ll show the introductory video with this week’s new voicebanks instead.

This week there are six new voiebanks, but with Moll added there are seven. Here they are:

Bakune Riku
Lavan Ash
Shion and Ruon
Dokune Noko
Kamene Kozo


An interesting random week. Nothing of major interest to me; I suppose my iPod will be lonely for another week.

Article has been updated, and everything should be here. Please enjoy!

Sorry again for the wait. I won’t bore you with details, but suffice to say I hope this situation never arises again. I know not a lot of people count on us for UtaRan news since there aren’t a lot of people that care about it to begin with, but I would like to think that we can become a reliable source for UtaRan information and reviews for when people decide that they do care. I promise I’ll do my best to continue bringing you the coverage of the UTAU front. まかせてにゃ~★

Now, about the ranking. Teto’s reclained her throne, but other UTAU are still managing to pop up and survive. If I could talk about Nana for a minute: the meme that Nana covered is really the perfect kind of song for her to sing, and if there were more songs featuring her like this, I think she would be more popular among UTAU users. Her voice can easily be annoying, but it can also sound cute and realistic when used right. Nana’s sort of a favorite of mine if only because she’s so out there, so… pink, so… filled to the brim with cuteness. It’s endearing, I guess. So. Don’t be hatin’ on Nana. That’s all.

Tune in next week for more UtaRan coverage, and maybe… a surprise…? :O

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