Miku Invades Your Closet

It seems like the Vocaloid fandom has grown and the amount of merchandise has been exponentially increasing. Why even here (Texas, USA) there has been a great difference in the amount of Vocaloid merchandise from last year to the present.

Miku Parka Jacket

Now back on subject, Crypton has announced on their site that a Miku parka jacket is going to be released for sale on March 31st!  Below is a picture of the front of the jacket based on Miku’s uniform.

Miku Parka Jacket

Information from Crypton:

■ Product Name: Miku Hatsune Parka Jacket
■ Includes: Jacket, Storage Pouch
■ Material: Nylon Outer 100%, 100% polyester lining
■ Sizes Available: M / L / XL
■ Price: 14,700 yen (tax included)
■ Release Date: March 31, 2010

For more pictures and information follow this link!

Miku Jeans

Character Party has designed jeans with Miku illustrations on them! Prefect match for your Black Rock Shooter t-shirt and your Miku Parka huh?

Below are the 3 versions of the jeans.

The jeans come in 3 sizes: S, M, L.  Prices are pretty confusing but they range from 11,550¥ to 18,900¥. These can be ordered from Character Party.

Or if the site is beyond you, they are also available on Amazon.  However, they only offer the first pattern. The price on Amazon is 18,900¥.

So, if you are ready to make your closet Vocaloid happy there are the items to do it!

Sources: Crypton, Character Party, & Amazon

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5 thoughts on “Miku Invades Your Closet”

  1. … That parka just looks like a teal parka.. |D;

    I like the second pair o' jeans tho :3

    (lul, closet vocaloid.)

    1. The parka has the VOCALOID logo-like thing inside. (It's inside… So… not so seen) It's on the Crypton site. I'm also excited to see Miku Append boxart. >A<

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