KarenT the Record Label

KarenT Logo
KarenT Logo

While Supercell is under the Sony Music label, many other composers do not have the chance to be under such a powerful label.  The following statement is from KarenT:

“KarenT is the CGM(Consumer Generated Media) style Record label which is for the artist and by the artist. On KarenT, the artist themselves can control their songs and copy rights, and the system that artists can easily distribute worldwide makes possible their songs deliver to listener while it’s hot.”

So, why does this matter?  Well, KarenT has been expanding and is trying to promote in the English side of the world.  Now, they bring us purchasable songs and albums.  If you have ever tried to buy a song via iTunes that was not specifically for your country you will understand the frustrations.  KarenT helps us to support our favorite artists easily! Some artists under the label are: Toraboruta-P (トラボルタP), doriko, AkunoP (悪ノP, Mothy), Tripshot, Dixie Flatline and minato.

KarenT at Piapro
KarenT at Piapro

Currently, their main site is at Piapro. However,KarenT stated that an English site is coming soon! KarenT has also stated that they will announce new releases about artists under their label. Now, supporting your favorite artist is much simpler through sites like HearJapan ect. Announced on their Facebook Miku Fanpage states their aim:

“We see many fans abroad but there were no place to announce information directly to them in English, so we made this and [is] somehow operating.”

Here are the many ways to keep in touch with the record label: Facebook, MySpace, Piapro, Twitter, YouTube.

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5 thoughts on “KarenT the Record Label”

  1. Cool. I've been trying in any way possible to expand english-language vocaloid stuff back into Japan, even if it is only adding brief translations on various parts of my site. Finding Japan-based vocaloid communities is harder though…

  2. Kickass! This is one step closer for a better understanding between companies. I mean, the fact that they KNOW that their products are quite profitable outside Japan will open many many doors for them.

    I'm glad they are doing that now ^^.

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