Weekend Spotlight – Robots… Nuf Said

A girl and her robot
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This week’s Weekend Spotlight is filled with robots. Robot girls and robots who love girls. Wait… That didn’t sound right. Well, you’ll see what I really mean after the break.

Hey everyone, red2 back in the weekend saddle. I didn’t get any info from JM as to what he wanted this week, so I’ll be stepping into his shoes once again. As promised we’ll start it off with a bang. A gorgeous cover by Kettaro that’s been long-awaited by the fans:

That vid gets me every time. *sniff* And with that outbreak of emotion, let’s move on. Now, before we go anywhere, let’s talk about true popularity of a song. Say… Yowamushi Montblanc. Though it dropped down to 6 in the countdown last week, the popularity has not necessarily done so. Look at the amount of Utatte Mita on Youtube and NND. 290 search results on NND, most of them from Nico Singers who love the song. That is true popularity, folks. And uploaded just today is the first official Nico Chorus. One of many I hope:

I’ve been waiting for one of these since the original was released. I’m happy.
What? Oh right, robots! We’re supposed to be talking about robots here. I keep forgetting. Then let’s talk robots. If you dial the wayback machine to… okay I don’t really remember when, there was this little song called SPiCa. It didn’t stay up on the countdown for long, but left enough of an impression to make this:

Now if you’ve recognized the style, I’m not surprised. Because that is essentially the prequel to what will most likely be our #1 for the week. With that said, I’ll leave you with ARiA, the sequel. Hope to see you all next week! Sarabada!

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