EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalogenesis Number 1 on Oricon!

FRIENDS AND COMRADES! It was a glorious week for Vocaloid CD sales! Oricon states that Vocalogensis was the top album CD sole on the May 17th – 23rd week! Selling 23,000 copies it became the first Vocaloid CD to top the weekly Oricon rankings!

The album had the best of the best in recent Vocaloid songs (minus ryo since Sony owns him).

Below is the track listing.

01. 右肩の蝶 (Migikata no Chou)
02. 初音ミクの暴走 -Full ver.- (Hatsune Miku no Bousou -Full version-)
03. いろは唄 (Iroha Uta)
04. ローリンガール (Rolling Girl)
05. パラジクロロベンゼン (Paradichlorobenzene)
07. イケ恋歌 (IkeLenka)
08. 番凩 (Tsugai Kogarashi)
09. 紡唄 -つむぎうた- (Tsumugi Uta)
10. リグレットメッセージ (Regret Message)
11. しねばいいのに (Shineba ii no ni)
12. リア充爆発しろ! (Rea-juu Bakuhatsu-shiro!)
13. charActer
14. 1/6 -genesis mix-
15. erase or zero (Vocalogenesis only NewMix)
17. DYE
18. Genesis
19. 右肩の蝶 -Ver.3.0.1- (BONUS TRACK)

For those of you interesting in getting the album, it’s still available on Play-Asia currently.

Sources: Oricon ExitTunes

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8 thoughts on “EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalogenesis Number 1 on Oricon!”

  1. I heard about this but I never got tt see the track list D:. But now that I have it makes sense to me why it did so well. Imitation black, rolling girl, and regret message all on the same album, Its great > w<!!!!!

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