Weekend Spotlight – ALL HAIL… UTATTE MITA?!

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Wait what?  That’s right, wowaka’s latest piece of… well, I personally don’t like the song, but everyone else thinks it’s win!  But now we have that Utatte Mita twist!  See what I mean after the break.

Hey guys, red2 again. Hope JM doesn’t mind me hijacking his usual spot, but since he wasn’t working on it, I decided to step into his shoes once more. So let’s jump right into the action with the biggest cover by =どM.  This one had over 110,000 hits by the time I got to it, and probably a hell of a lot more now.  If you’re not familiar with =どM, he’s a one-man army, doing every part in his covers, including the really high pitched stuff.  Due to the complexity, he rarely comes out of the woodwork.

Next up, I’d like to highlight one of my most anticipated covers. LIQU@ finally put together a cover of Len and the Earl of 256 Faces.

Great stuff. I don’t know how she’s not a voice actress yet, with everything she does. Now to end the day, let’s talk what may be next week’s #1, the Rin/Len cover of World’s End Dancehall, which, in my personal opinion, is better than the original. See you all on Monday. Enjoy!

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13 thoughts on “Weekend Spotlight – ALL HAIL… UTATTE MITA?!”

  1. I, Personally, am patiently waiting for the inevitable PV to come out for it before I download.

  2. Hmm, I like how the Rin/Len version is more of an actual duet, but I don't think this producer was able to make their voices sound very good at all…

    1. Since the title's in Japanese, 探偵むしめがね~さらば怪人256面相 can be translated in a variety of ways.

      …I think I typed that right… 6_6;

  3. While I didn't like World's End Dancehall at first, I must admit it's growing on me.

    wowaka should really buy Rin and Len. Some of his songs sound absolutely awesome when sung by the twins together – World's End Dancehall, as above, and Ura-Omote Lovers. And has someone done Rolling Girl with both of them at once?

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