New Groove Pullip Dolls

Groove has recently announced Miku to their Pullip line and Rin and Len their DAL line.

These beautiful fashion dolls will be released in April 2011 at 13,650 yen a piece. You can get them at Hobby Search for 11,050 yen (roughly 133 USD): Miku, Rin, and Len.

Anyone excited for these? What do you think?

Sources: Hatsune Miku Miku, Groove Blog, and Hobby Search.

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44 thoughts on “New Groove Pullip Dolls”

  1. I actually sort of think that the individual pictures of the Miku doll make her look pretty cute… They are a little bit creepy tho. Rin looks kind of mad. lol

  2. Donotwant: I'm not interested in figma anyway, so dolls 😛

    The question: Is this company trying to get a slice of the juicy figma market by using the Cryptonloids fame or on the contrary is it an opportunity for Vocaloid to reach new audiences trough a business agreement between Crypton and Cheonsang Cheonha / Groove ?

  3. euuugh I hate these things. Rin especially looks like some kind of evil goblin.
    Why the hell these cost so much I'll never know, especially compared to the far nicer figures.

    1. Pullip is 100% Eastern Asian. No direct American influence.

      In general, Pullip dolls don’t look this creepy, but they also don’t look like particular people or characters. Miku did not survive this shift in representation.

  4. reminds me of brat dolls with their big head and small extremities… and why is rin and len pouting their lips like that? someone is taking a ride on vocaloid popularity bus, i hope they wont fall though…

  5. I really like Miku here, but Rin and Len look hilariously scary. What's even scarier is the price tag on these things. orz

  6. lol you guys are so…obviously, you closet otakus who live in your mom's basement have never seen barbie or anything, just kawaii animu butt wiggling

    imho, pullips are really nice, hence their expensive price. they're pretty high-end.

    also, they're not american. they're korean, so don't say, "eww american looks bad on japanese" LOL

    the fact that none of you appreciate this is pretty disgusting.

  7. You guys are so close-minded it isn't even funny. This is why I detest Western otaku subculture–you're so wrapped up in what you consider to be ideal, you refuse to even consider why other people would like certain things.

    Personally, I adore dolls. Good photographers can make them look gorgeous.

  8. I don't think it's the doll style–look, Miku's beautiful!–but more of the characters themselves. Not hating, I freaking love the Twins, but in this case, they tried mixing anime-cute with their style of realism-cute and the result was….Not bad, but not very good. Rin's forehead is too broad and Len looks…girlish (like he needed a doll to prove it XD)
    And that's all I have to say about that.

  9. Hey now! These look kinda cute!! :3

    I've never seen this style of dolls before but, its nice to see dolls that aren't some demented figurines of popular characters, like I see a lot at stores here.

    In my opinion, Rin looks a kinda angry, like "Look at me the wrong way and you'll get a roadrolla on your head. |:<"

    But to me it looks cute~! I like it! 😀 I'd buy it but……I think these dolls would probably get destroyed by my younger siblings anyway (let alone the fact that this is outta my price range. XD lol)

  10. If I had the money, Miku is probably the only Pullip Doll I would ever buy. I mean she's the only one I've noticed that has a face that doesn't look as strange/visually unappealing (to me) as they normally do.

    I would make her mini cosplays of my cosplays :3

  11. Wow! Those are some pretty nice dolls, I don't get why you all hate them. I don't really like Rin and Len's, their facial expression looks so bratty, and Len's hair seems odd (but how could is not look odd? xD) I love Miku's though. Her clothes and hair are so shiny, and the facial expression looks sweet and innocent. I'm honestly thinking about buying it. (but I wouldn't have much left for other things…..I can't wait until I'm old enough for a job xD)

    People, if you don't like them to much that's fine, but you have to admit they are pretty high-quality looking dolls.

  12. Miku is just amazing. I saw other Pullip dolls,and they're just adorable!! Her clothes look so shiny! I want her, but I'll probably break one of her joints after a bunch of posing…
    I saw other DAL dolls, too. Most of them have faces like the twin's do, so it's normal (I think….) I think the twins look really cute!! Especially their clothes. I'm in love with their clothes.
    Rin's face suits her, as I see many people make her as the twin who gets mad often. Len's hair looks soft… lol. <3 Overall, these dolls are cute! I don't get why anyone would have a problem with them.

  13. I collect these dollies! I have four. 🙂
    Rin and Len are dals? what the were they thinking? Len and Rin are to kawaii to be Dals. if rin was a pulip, and len was an isul, i would be happy. Kaito and Megurine Luka are coming out next month! Why don't they make a Meiko?

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