UTARan Special 2011 Part 5

Image source: kitano
Image source: kitano

Well, this is it, the last part of this year’s UTARan Special. We’re down to the final three songs. Which ones made it to the top? Let’s find out!

-Editors: Bunnychan
-Translator: kurisuto

Sorry for the wait! It’s Part 5. This will be the last part of the UTARan SP 2011. Thanks for having watched so far!

There are only 3 songs left, but before that we’ll take a look back at what happened in the UTAU world during 2010 and 2011 until February.


– UTAU became shareware.

– UTAU’s second release anniversary.
– release of a Chinese voicebank (which marks the beginning of the creation of non-Japanese voicebanks).

– Kasane Teto’s illustrations became officially accepted on piapro (first non-Vocaloid or non-Vocaloid-related character to be accepted).
– Crypton Future Media took in charge Kasane Teto’s commercial use.

– JOYSOUND’s searches using “Kasane Teto” as the singer’s name were enabled.
– “Fukkireta” boom (original video).

– Second anniversary of the release of “Mimi no Aru Robotto no Uta.”
– First UTAU Utatte Mita song to have reached 1 million views (“Ochame Kinou Utatta” by Lon).

“Natsu wo UTAwaseru Matsuri 2010”.
– First THE UTAU M@STER event.
– Presentation of Teto’s figure at the Wonder Festival.

– Publication of an interview of UTAU’s creator Ameya on ASCII.jp
– “Ochame Kinou” scheduled to be featured in a major CD (“EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocaloanthems”).

– Teto straps scheduled to be sold on NicoNico Chokuhan (along with Haku Yowane and Neru Akita straps as part of a set).
– Release of “EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocaloanthems.”

– Teto songs began to be distributed by KarenT.
– The total views of UTAU songs on Youtube reached 1 million.

– The Teto straps began to be sold on NicoNico Chokuhan.
– Teto songs were talked about on “Gekkayo.”
– An UTAU song reached 1 million views on NicoNico Douga (“Ochame Kinou 【Anime PV】”).

The first half of 2010 was marked by UTAU’s transition to shareware, and Teto attracted a lot of attention thanks to “Fukkireta.” During mid 2010, we obviously have to mention the opening of the first THE UTAU M@STER. It was held as part of “THE VOC@LOID M@STER,” but a lot of people who are involved in UTAU gathered for its first edition. Teto was really busy during late 2010!


– Release of UTAU’s mobile version, “UTAU@mobile.”
– Kokorone Chiyoko and her creators were featured in “The current state of the Comiket,” a special edition of the NHK show “Mag-net”.

– Beginning of the “UTAU Class” series on “Windows 100%.”
– “UTAU Uta Utane Official Illustration Contest.”
– Publication of a special article about UTAU in “NicoNico Douga no Naka no Hito Up-nushi Go-juu-nin Kurai (?) Shoukai Shite Mita.”
– Release of a document called “iPad de Sakkyoku Nyuumon” featuring an UTAU tutorial.
– Presentation of a selection of UTAU songs on “Gekkayo Vocaloid fan.”

At the beginning of 2011, we’ve seen more articles about UTAU in magazines, and it was even discussed on TV!

The second year of UTAU was a very busy one, it really got bigger. I can’t wait to see what will happen during the third year!

Well then, let’s see the 3 remaining songs. But before that I’d like to dress up a little.

Sorry for the wait. Let’s start from number 3! I wonder what song it will be!

☆NUMBER THREE – 375,639 points☆

Song: “Nana Nana★Fever Miracle Tonight”
UTALOID: Mitana Nana
NAMI‘s Comments: The number 3 was SAM(samfree)’s song “Nana Nana★Fever Miracle Tonight,” featuring Mitani Nana. What a punchy debut for an April Fool’s joke w
Bunny‘s Comments: Wow, I had no idea that this video had so many views! Congrats SAM! Now if we can just get more people to use Nana….

Well then, let’s see number 2! What will it be?

☆NUMBER TWO – 454,381 points☆

Song: “TetotoramanTaro”
UTALOID: Various
Producer: Tsuburaya-P
NAMI‘s Comments: The number 2 was TsuburayaP’s “Teto Toramantarou”. It was already number 1 in the HANASU ranking, and now it’s number 2 in the main ranking. I think we can say it’s an important work both in the MMD and the UTAU worlds.
Bunny‘s Comments: Okay, this one just made me LOL, but it really is great MMD work. Someone I missed this when it was originally uploaded.

Well then, it’s time for the final song. I wonder what this year’s number one will be!

☆NUMBER ONE – 568,138 points☆

Song: “Electric Angel (Kotsuban-P Ver)”
UTALOID: Kasane Teto
Producer: 村田P
NAMI‘s Comments: The number 1 was Murata-P’s cover of “Electric Angel (Kotsuban-P Ver),” featuring Kasane Teto. Congratulations! This cover really makes you realize Teto’s and UTAU’s potential, doesn’t it?
Bunny‘s Comments: Kind of a shame that a cover grabbed the number one spot and not an original, but at least it’s one of THE best covers of the past year. Teto is tuned beautifully.

And that’s it for this UTARan Special! We’ll conclude it with songs until number 1,000, so look for your favorite ones!

MyList for UTARan SP 2011.

That’s it folks, all top 100 songs of the past year! So, what did you think? Are you happy with the list or do you feel certain songs should have been higher? If you think so, then the best way to help is to share the videos with as many people as possible. I, for one, was very happy by the presence of a few of my favorite songs on the top list.

We only saw the top 100 songs but there’s so many great ones left in the lower numbers that you should take the time to check some of them out. Let’s use this opportunity to spam me with lots of Reader’s Pick!!

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9 thoughts on “UTARan Special 2011 Part 5”

  1. Aww, the timeline failed to mention about the patch 'Strong Voice Material" that took the whole UTAU thing to the next level. Ranking #1 wouldn't have been there weren't this patch were made…

      1. I'm not sure I understand either, but the person might be referring to Ritsu's append? Ritsu's "strong" append was called "strong voice material" (SVM), so I guess that's it, but I don't really understand the talk about patches… Unless it's something I don't know about (most likely, I'm mostly just a lurker and song-grabber, heh).

  2. Nami's comments are almost as interesting as the songs. And believe it or not, I wasn't aware of Fukkireta: nice addition to my Graduation from Lie album ^^.

  3. In the timeline at the top, under November, if "Ochame Kinou" was supposed to be a link, it's not actually a link. The text changes when you move the cursor over it like a link, but it's not actually a link? I dunno, but anyway, just thought you should know… in case it was supposed to be a link…?

    I'm confused as to why "Ochame Kinou" wasn't number one. I mean, it was released during the point calculation period… except maybe it's not counted since it was on a CD? But that doesn't make any sense… I dunno, it's weird.

    I'm not unhappy with #1 though. It's a really great cover! The tuning is great, and the song is perfectly suited to Teto's voice type, IMO. And to be honest, I'm just glad it wasn't "Uso no Utahime" again, lol. XD

    I can't wait to see what kind of great things happen with UTAU in the coming year! Makes me excited just thinking about it! I hope it continues gaining popularity, and we see more and more people utilize it and make great things with it, and I hope those people get recognized for their hard work! (It's a lot to ask for, I know, but I'm optimistic.) 😀

    1. Ochame Kinou was in the extra ranking, for whatever reason. Maybe because it never was on the weekly ranking?

      1. Hey, late reply is late, but I think I've figured out why "Ochame Kinou" wasn't in the main ranking. It was uploaded under the artist's account, not lamazeP/gojimajiP's account. I'm pretty sure that's why… I think. ^_^;

    2. Uhh, not sure why the coding was messing up, everything LOOKED fine. I completely rewrote it all though and now it seems to work. Thanks for the headsup.

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