Project DIVA Extend: Convenience Store Costumes

Illustrated by KEI

Four new outfits have been revealed for SEGA‘s upcoming PSP release, Project DIVA Extend. All of them are based off convenience store uniforms. By preordering the game at one of the following retailers, you will recieve a DLC module of the respective store’s uniform.

For those who aren’t aware, Project DIVA is a series of Vocaloid-based music games created for the PSP by SEGA and Crypton. Project DIVA Extend is an updated version of Project DIVA 2. Here are the costumes that have been previously announced.

The game will be released on the 10th of November, 2011 and will retail for ¥5,229.

So, on to the new costumes. Here are some sample images from SEGA!

Circle K Sunkus:

Circle K Sunkus


Circle K Sunkus: Convenience store chain exclusive to Japan.




7-Eleven: International convenience store franchise.

Family Mart:

Family Mart


Family Mart: Popular among many Asian countries as well as the US.



Lawson: Former US convenience store, now based in Japan.

We’d like to hear your opinions on the new uniforms!

Source: SEGA

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  1. In my city by WalMart and other stores, there’s a school where a con takes place and a 7-Eleven XD I never been to one so I don’t know what they sell. Only if they sold Project DIVA games there, I would so go and it will be my favorite store ever. I hate living in New Jersey 😛

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