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VocaNoIro at Nekocon 2012

Re:VB, the developer behind AniMiku, is organising a live Vocaloid concert to be held at Nekocon 2012. Also planned are two Vocaloid panels, covering Vocaloid music production and the creative team behind the events!

Recent News Roundup

Hey everyone, it’s been pretty quiet lately, but here are some of the latest happenings in the Vocaloid world! Miku’s 5th anniversary is coming on the 31st of August, so let’s see what’s in store for us!

Miku Flick 2 Announced!

SEGA, the company behind the original Miku Flick, has announced a sequel to their iOS rhythm game! Check out our older articles if you’d like to find out more about the original game. Otherwise, let’s get right to it!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Gumi!

UPDATE: Noboru Murakami, head of INTERNET Co.,Ltd, has tweeted confirmation of an upcoming English Gumi voicebank! (More information coming up!) [Thanks Virtual>Real!] Today marks the third anniversary of INTERNET Co.,Ltd’s second Vocaloid, Gumi! Gumi’s voice is provided by Megumi Nakajima, most famous for her voice acting roles in various anime series. The official name of
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Zero-G’s Summer Sale

Zero-G, the company behind Engloids Leon, Lola, Miriam, Prima, Sonika and Tonio, is offering special discounts on many of their products including their VOCALOID products. They are offering a 25% discount on VOCALOID 1 products, as well as even larger discounts (up to 50%!) on their VOCALOID 2 products. Leon, Lola and Miriam can be
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Project DIVA f News Round-up

With the release of Project DIVA f (previously known as NEXT HATSUNE MIKU Project DIVA) on the horizon, SEGA has slowly been releasing more and more information on the game. PJDf is the third game in the Project DIVA series, succeeding Project DIVA and Project DIVA 2nd (along with PJD Extend). A demo version of
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Kamui Gakupo Nendoroid – Painted Preview

During the last Tokyo Wonder Festival, we caught a glimpse of the upcoming Gakupo Nendoroid. It was only a prototype model, and was left unpainted. A few days ago, a painted version of the Nendoroid was on display at Nico Super-con (commonly known as Chokaigi). Read on to have a look!

Coca-Cola x Miku Competition Results!

Late February, SEGA, PIAPRO and Coca Cola launched an illustration contest. Entries were to feature Hatsune Miku and Coca-Cola, with the theme being “a refreshing red that matches the image of Coca-Cola”. The grand prize was a Playstation Vita with 3G, a special card for Project DIVA Arcade and a year’s supply of Coca Cola.
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Happy 4th Birthday, Kasane Teto!

Today marks an important day for all UTAU fans, as today we celebrate Teto’s birthday! Four years ago, a few members from 2ch (a popular Japanese imageboard) created Kasane Teto as an April Fools’ joke. She had a lot of hype behind her, as many believed her to be a genuine Vocaloid. Eventually, Teto became
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