Happy 4th Birthday, Kasane Teto!

Illustrated by まみさん

Today marks an important day for all UTAU fans, as today we celebrate Teto’s birthday! Four years ago, a few members from 2ch (a popular Japanese imageboard) created Kasane Teto as an April Fools’ joke. She had a lot of hype behind her, as many believed her to be a genuine Vocaloid. Eventually, Teto became a reality, and she had a voicebank made for the UTAU engine. Although she started as nothing more than a prank, today Teto is arguably the most well known UTAU.

Let’s have a listen to some of the more popular Teto songs over the past year!

Sakura – nakano4

Little Devil Chimera – MatsutouyaP

Dynamo – Shimesaba Tsuisutāzu

Hāgendattsu Ika no Sappuukei – Seablove

Unfortunately, Teto didn’t have too many popular original songs last year. But don’t worry, lets dig up some covers!

Tell Your World – kz (Teto cover by UngagaUnga)

Freely Tomorrow – Mitchie M (Teto cover by KIPCIN)

Bad Apple – Masayoshi Minoshima/Nomico (Teto Cover by ichijiyoP)

And lastly, here’s one of Teto’s most famous songs:
Ochame Kinou – LamazeP

Now let’s have a look at some fanart for Teto’s birthday!

Illustrated by うふふさん
Illustrated by pprてんとさん
Illustrated by pprてんとさん
Illustrated by トユさん
Illustrated by うーさん
Illustrated by 九九さん

Once again, we’d like to wish Teto a happy birthday and a bright future ahead! Feel free to leave your thoughts below!

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