Miku Flick 2 Announced!

Miku Flick/02

SEGA, the company behind the original Miku Flick, has announced a sequel to their iOS rhythm game! Check out our older articles if you’d like to find out more about the original game. Otherwise, let’s get right to it!

Like the previous game, Miku Flick 2 will include nine well-known songs, as well as a secret tenth track. The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Koi wa Sensou / ryo
  2. Hajimete no Oto / malo
  3. Roshin Yuukai / iroha/kuma
  4. Migikata no Chou / Nori-P/Mizuno Yuuryou
  5. Just Be Friends / Dixie Flatline
  6. Clover Club / Yuuyu
  7. magnet / minato
  8. Promise / samfree
  9. Ura-omote Lovers / wowaka
  10. ???

As you can see from the tracklist, Crypton’s other Vocaloids will be joining the fun too, with tracks featuring Megurine Luka, Rin Kagamine and Len Kagamine. Some of the songs are also duets, featuring multiple Vocaloids! Downloadable content will also be available for the game, in the form of new tracks and costumes.

The game now also includes an Extreme difficulty, between the Hard and Break the Limit difficulties. You will also be able to save your replays!

In addition to all the above, SEGA has released a trailer for Miku Flick 2.

Miku Flick 2 will be officially titled Miku Flick/02. Although the release date has not yet been set, a worldwide release is planned. It will be priced at 900JPY, 10.99USD. Both the iPhone (4/4S) and iPod Touch (3G, excluding the 8GB model/4) are confirmed to be supported, as well as the iPad (1/2). SEGA has both an English and Japanese site for the upcoming game.

Miku Flick 2 has a twitter page with frequent updates, as well as a #miku_flick tag for discussion!

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  1. I really wish it didn’t cost so much…. But that looks really really cool… Makes me wish I hadn’t gotten the first Miku Flick just to save money for this version.

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