Coca-Cola x Miku Competition Results!

Late February, SEGA, PIAPRO and Coca Cola launched an illustration contest. Entries were to feature Hatsune Miku and Coca-Cola, with the theme being “a refreshing red that matches the image of Coca-Cola”. The grand prize was a Playstation Vita with 3G, a special card for Project DIVA Arcade and a year’s supply of Coca Cola. Additionally, they will earn themselves a poster of their illustration and have their picture printed on Cola machines around Japan. The competition closed on the 12th of March, and the judging period has just ended. Read more about the contest at our original post, or read on to see the winners!

Firstly, let’s take a look at the four runners-up:

マキシマム by U7さん

coca cola style by ナツさん
red style by La-naさん

みくがいっぱい by ちくわさん

Lastly, here’s the winning illustration!

しゅわしゅわ by 妃奈さん

Here‘s SEGA’s page on the winning entries. You can find all the entries through this PIAPRO tag.

Tell us what you think of the winning illustrations in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “Coca-Cola x Miku Competition Results!”

  1. The winning entry is cute and I felt that it has this refreshing feeling when you look at Miku in the artwork.

    Congrats to the winning entry. o/

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