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SBS Artech Developing English Voicebank for SeeU

Although SeeU currently only has a Japanese and Korean voicebank, it seems as though she may be receiving an English voicebank in the future. Recently, a fan decided to message SBS about the possibility of an English voicebank. SBS Artech replied, saying that they originally planned to make an English voicebank for SeeU. Due to
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Wonfes Vocaloid Figure Roundup

The Tokyo Wonder Festival (commonly known as “Wonfes”) is an event held twice a year, which features garage kits and upcoming figures. During the last Wonfes, Good Smile Company and HOBBY STOCK let us have a peek at some upcoming Vocaloid figures. Read on for information and pictures!

OSTER-project Features Meiko Append in New Album

OSTER-project, best known for her songs such as “Koisuru VOC@LOID” and “Miracle Paint”, has recently released a new album called “The Best of OSTER.” This album includes some of OSTER’s most famous songs, but the most exciting part is that we get to hear Meiko Append. Read on for more!

Chinese VOCALOID Yayin Gongyu Announced

Yayin Gongyu will soon be joining the rest of the Vocaloid family! Gongyu will be the first Chinese Vocaloid, and is scheduled to be released on the 12th of June, 2012. Although the Vocaloid was originally going to be revealed in February, she was announced earlier, in time for a conference about Vocaloids being held
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Bruno and Clara Fanart Contest Winners!

About a month ago, Vocatro Labs launched a fanart contest for their Spanish Vocaloids Bruno and Clara. To recap, submissions closed and voting started on the 11th of December. Voting closed on the 17th, and Vocatro announced the winners on the 19th. Want to see the winners? Keep reading!

SeeU released in Japan

SeeU, SBS Artech’s Korean Vocaloid, has been released in Japan. SeeU’s Korean release also included her Japanese voicebank, though she wasn’t officially released in Japan until the 16th of December. If you haven’t heard about SeeU, we’ll fill you in here! Check out her new demos below!

Bruno and Clara Fanart Contest!

Voctro Labs, the company behind recently announced Spanish Vocaloids Bruno and Clara, have launched an official fanart contest! If Voctro sees fit, the winning fanart may become Bruno and Clara’s new official art. Prizes will also be awarded for first and second place. Read on for more details!