Bruno and Clara Fanart Contest Winners!

Bruno and Clara's official art

About a month ago, Vocatro Labs launched a fanart contest for their Spanish Vocaloids Bruno and Clara. To recap, submissions closed and voting started on the 11th of December. Voting closed on the 17th, and Vocatro announced the winners on the 19th. Want to see the winners? Keep reading!

Firstly, let’s take a look at the runner-ups. The two following illustrations recieved the most votes besides the first and second place winners.
Illustrated by Fitz

Illustrated by Kenneos

Artemi came in second place, with this illustration:
Illustrated by Artemi

The votes were very close, but Rumple won first place!
Illustrated by Rumple

You can check out Vocatro’s blog post on the results here.

There are many other great submissions, you can have a look here. What do you think of the winners? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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16 thoughts on “Bruno and Clara Fanart Contest Winners!”

  1. Oooh I think I would prefer Clara and Bruno’s outfits in the 2nd place piece in the style of the winning piece.  Both are great though.

    But I have to ask, in the winning submission:  Did Bruno *ahem* break Clara’s hip last night or something?  Clara’s left hip keeps bugging me …

  2. Wow I’m glad Artemi made it into the top 3! >< I've always really loved her art and how much detail she puts into her pictures 😀

  3. I really like Fitz’s entry, if they made these the new box arts Fitz should really be the one. I don’t like the ones by Artemi and Kenneos. They were good, but they remind me too much of the *~KawaiiRobot~* designs I’ve seen people say they wanted. I’m glad the winner mixed the original designs with some anime, but Clara’s legs creep me out. lol.

  4. While I love the outfits in the second place winner, and the art style of the first place winner, I would really like it if they all didn’t look so whitewashed.

  5. I really wish the second place one won. The winning one looks….. kinda boring 😐 Also, Clara’s left hip blends in with with Bruno’s pants….. awkward!

  6. Is it just me who finds it kinda a shame that thease illustrations make them look less Spanish and more well american/anime? just saying there original drawings showed character and there background country

    1. I agree. I was surprised that Kenneos’s design was one of the runner-ups! I don’t favor anime-style designs for Vocaloids that aren’t Asia-based.

      I liked the original drawings too, but one thing that bothered me was why they were so tan if they were supposed to be from Spain.That’s why I prefer Fitz’s designs. I really like the Bruno, and both Bruno and Clara actually look Spaniard.

  7. Oh what? The contest ended already? Wow, I should be more on top of things. lol

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE the one by Fitz. I would’ve voted for that one all the way. ^^ However the first place one is not that bad!!! 😀 It’s anime but it’s not Moe like that other top voted one. It’s a nice style that makes sense. 😀

    I kinda wish that the Clara from the 2nd place one could be put in with the Bruno from the first place one. They look awesome. (lol but the contrast in styles would look wicked weird. XD) Meh, whatevers these contest entries all look a lot better (except for the moe one) than the original art. XD

  8. I know this is an old post but I just want to say that I am quite disappointed with the first place. Fitz or Artemi should have won in my opinion. I’m glad it wasn’t moe at all (seriously like Prima who had such a broad voice yet was stuck looking like a small girl…) nor it wans’t waaaay to anime like such as Kenneos. Well it can’t be helped.

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