SeeU released in Japan

SeeU, SBS Artech’s Korean Vocaloid, has been released in Japan. SeeU’s Korean release also included her Japanese voicebank, though she wasn’t officially released in Japan until the 16th of December. If you haven’t heard about SeeU, we’ll fill you in here! Check out her new demos below!

Although there are already some examples of SeeU’s Japanese online, she now has two official Japanese demos, “With Hope in Your Heart” and “Facing Tomorrow”.

With Hope in Your Heart (願いを込めて):

Facing Tomorrow (明日を向いて):

SeeU’s Japanese release will open her up to a much wider range of producers, so let’s hope we’ll see a great variety of songs soon!

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3 thoughts on “SeeU released in Japan”

  1. People have been writing terrible comments on the I=Fantasy song on NND. It’s shameful. Shouldn’t people be happy that Vocaloid is becoming more widespread? What terrible fans!

    1. Well, you do realize that I=fantasy was heavily edited and it contained the original singer’s voice blended in to hide any robotic effects and to make See-U look better than the other vocaloids.  :/
      When you think about it, they have every right to be rude.

  2. That is not true. Of course, every vocaloid has a right to sound good and how about the fans of SeeU? Of course I think they would agree but it is never nice to be rude. But why are they complaining about something that isn’t even real? You guys should forget about it. -_-

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