OSTER-project Features Meiko Append in New Album

The Best of OSTER

OSTER-project, best known for her songs such as “Koisuru VOC@LOID” and “Miracle Paint”, has recently released a new album called “The Best of OSTER.” This album includes some of OSTER’s most famous songs, but the most exciting part is that we get to hear Meiko Append. Read on for more!

The seventh track of The Best of OSTER is “PianoxFortexScandal”, which is one of OSTER’s older songs originally using Meiko’s standard voicebank (NND/YT Link to Original). In this album, the track has recieved new vocals from the Append version of Meiko.

Let’s have a listen to the song!

Meiko Append is noticably smoother and clearer than her original voicebank. OSTER also commented on using Meiko Append on her twitter.

According to Meiko Haigō, Meiko’s voice provider, she has finished recording for Meiko Append. Crypton still has a lot of work to do on the program itself.

Here’s a preview of the rest of OSTER’s new album. If you would like to purchase the album, visit Amazon.jp.

As a side note, Meiko Append has in fact been used in public once before in “Lollipop Factory” by OSTER, albeit we only hear her clearly for a few seconds. Go to 0:42 in this video to listen.

I’m sure looking forward to Meiko Append, how about you?

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  1. Nice!  I’ve always liked Meiko’s voice type but I’ve been put off by the V1 tech.  This is a big improvement.

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