Nekomura Iroha Illustration Contest!

Iroha as Shown on the Contest Page

It seems as though AH-Software have also been getting into the holiday season, and have decided to launch an illustration contest for Nekomura Iroha. They’ve invited everyone to participate, so read on and check it out!

AH-Software is holding an official illustration contest for their Vocaloid Nekomura Iroha. The competition is themed “Nyan and Jingle Bell”, encouraging submissions to include cat-like and Christmas elements. It seems as though anyone around the world can participate, even if you are not from Japan.

Here’s AHS’s promotional video for the contest:

Nico Link:

In order to apply, you need to upload your illustration online and then complete the form here. You must give your submission a title. Of course, the picture has to contain Iroha, and you may only submit your own work. You may include other AHS Vocaloids in your picture if you would like. For more detailed information, visit AHS’s webpage on the contest!

Participants have until the 10th of January, 2012 to submit their entry. The winners will be announced late January, and AHS will contact them by e-mail.

Good luck to our readers who choose to participate!

Source: AH-Software

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