Bruno and Clara Fanart Contest!

Bruno and Clara's current official art

Voctro Labs, the company behind recently announced Spanish Vocaloids Bruno and Clara, have launched an official fanart contest! If Voctro sees fit, the winning fanart may become Bruno and Clara’s new official art. Prizes will also be awarded for first and second place. Read on for more details!

Soon after Voctro announced Bruno and Clara, fans have expressed disappointment over their official art. Some of the fans were expecting a more ‘manga-styled’ artwork. As Bruno and Clara fanart started popping up around the web, Voctro decided to launch an official contest.

Here are the guidelines, as provided by Voctro:


  • First prize: Bruno & Clara voice libraries as direct download
  • Second prize: Bruno or Clara voice library (winner’s choice) as direct download


  • Submissions close December 10th 2011.
  • Voting will be open from December 10th to December 17th 2011.


  • Should depict both Bruno and Clara in a single submission. Both characters should be drawn in a similar style.
  • Should maintain overall ‘look’ (clothing, hair/eye color, etc.) of the current Bruno & Clara characters. Of course we allow for changes, additions and other ‘artistic freedoms’.
  • Should be original works, not versions of existing works by others.

How to submit

  • Prepare your image as JPG or PNG without transparency (max. size 1200 x 1200 pixels, 1.5 MB).
  • Send your submission to: [email protected]
  • In case that you want a nickname to be shown on the website rather than your real name, please include it in the mail.
  • Before the image shows up on the website it must first be approved by a moderator. This may take 1-2 days in the worst case.
  • In case that a submission does not comply to the contest rules or contains offensive material we reserve the right to reject it.

How to vote

  • Anyone can vote (no need to register).
  • Voting will not be activated until submissions are closed, to give everyone a fair chance.
  • You will only be able to vote once per image (this is checked by IP).
  • Each image shows current average vote as a star rating. Images that show zero stars are images you did not yet vote for.
  • Hovering mouse over the star ratings will allow you to vote.
  • Vote images up or down as you see fit (ideally vote all images).


    1. Voctro Labs does not commit to using the winning submission as official art for Bruno & Clara.

    2. By uploading a submission a participant grants Voctro Labs rights to use the image on its website in context of the contest (even after the contest has ended). Other uses of the submission must be agreed on separately.

    3. A participant may make any number of submissions, but a single participant cannot win both first and second prize. Second prize will go to the highest voted image after the winning image, by a different participant. To make voting easier, we reserve the right to join multiple submissions into a single image. You may at any time replace or change a submission (by sending an email).

    4. Highest average voted submission will win. In case that two submissions have identical average votes we will pick a winner as we see fit.

    5. Any kind of automated voting is not allowed. We reserve the right to withdraw any submission that we suspect has been voted for illegally.

You can take a look at all the submissions and vote for your favorites here.

Good luck to those who are participating!

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4 thoughts on “Bruno and Clara Fanart Contest!”

  1. “If Voctro sees fit, the winning fanart may become Bruno and Clara’s new official art. ”

    What?! Their design was fine, It was realistic, simple, and we needed a break from all the ~**KAWAII DESU ANIME**~ boxarts. It’s like the English Vocaloids. Japan has Vocaloids that fit to their tastes, and the English fans have their Vocaloids that are not all moe anime. It’s not like otaku/anime fans are appreciated or liked here.
    Vocaloid wants to gain more fans, but with an anime-like design people who don’t like anime/manga may stay away from it. It’s suppoused to be the voice that matters, and people make a big issue over the design.. I feel bad for their original artist. He got death threats and all for nothing, just because some butthurt weeaboos don’t like his art. This is like the Yuki and Kiyo designs.
    A re-draw would have been fine. If Clara lost the glasses and the white streaks, maybe people would like them better. Their voices are amazing. I just hope Bruno and Clara don’t end up to be another Shota and Loli pair.
    At least they let us vote.

    Sorry I wrote so much, it’s just hearing things like this makes me mad. When I got into Vocaloid 3 years ago, it was nothing like this. (Maybe except with Yuki and Kiyo.) Seriously, DEATH THREATS OVER A DESIGN?!

  2. We don’t necessarily need manga/anime style artwork but we definitely do need a different artist than that one. It’s pretty damn bad. Not gonna lie.

    1. Agreed, I know from friends in the Animation/Design business Spain has a high rep when it comes to Professional Graphic Design. Those designs are a bit shoddy to meet the usual standards…

      About looking for a Manga/Anime style, though… well, that’s actually a little more mainstream in Italy/France/Spain, so it could fit the Spanish taste if done with a lot of care.

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