Chinese VOCALOID Yayin Gongyu Announced

Yayin Gongyu

Yayin Gongyu will soon be joining the rest of the Vocaloid family! Gongyu will be the first Chinese Vocaloid, and is scheduled to be released on the 12th of June, 2012. Although the Vocaloid was originally going to be revealed in February, she was announced earlier, in time for a conference about Vocaloids being held in Shanghai. Her voicebank has been in construction for a while, but an illustration competition called “Vocaloid: China” was launched late last year for her official design. There were five winning entries, from which her current design was chosen. Read on for more information!

Note that Yayin Gongyu has not been confirmed as her official name, as it is just the name that her illustrator provided her with. In addition, her current design will be redrawn by an artist named ideolo. Here’s more information that her illustrator provided, but keep in mind that just like her name, none of it is official yet.

Translated by Vivi from VocaloidOtaku (Click to view full size)

It’s interesting to note that Yayin means “elegant sound”, and Gongyu is made up of two notes of ancient Chinese music (akin to “do re mi” in English).

Gongyu’s voice is provided by Shan Xin, a Chinese voice actress. You can listen to her voice here.

Let’s have a listen to Gongyu’s demo!

Finally, we’ll take a look at more of her art, also drawn by the same illustrator.

Gongyu from head to toe

Different expressions
Front view
Another front view
Front and back
Shirt, skirt and stockings
Boots and shoes
Side view, headphones and hair
Kneeling down

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16 thoughts on “Chinese VOCALOID Yayin Gongyu Announced”

  1. The brief intro/personality/background is too long and complex. Vocaloids are supposed to not have much of a set personality… leave most of that concept to the fans, so that their ideas for music won’t be limited. Just like the Kagamines; Crypton never said they were related or were lovers, which enabled producers to create whatever material they wanted.

    And she has a history?? Really?

    1. It probably not official, just stuff done by the illustrator, based on the fact that the illustrator gave her a name, and the fact that she is going to be redrawn.

      1. Yep! It’s just as FormX said it. It’s not official, her illustrator provided those details. In the end it’s up to the company whether they want to make this information “official.”

  2. Am I the only one who is sick of vocaloids that try to be drawn in Kei style?
    (The design on this seems to imitate the arm sleeves, boots, etc.)

  3. While not a native chinese speaker, I am in love with her voice. I am also not upset by the backstory. For me the backstory is part of the manner by which she is being “sold” by the artist who is presenting her to fans/production company. When she is release her story can be told by anyone, however they want, it is not much different than the vocaloids before her. The only different is that she was created entirely by a contest.

  4. This one time, someone put a haw apple in her dizi, and it was terrible, but she cheered up after eating enough fruit.  I wish my life was more like that, maybe if I go trashing tonight I will find a gift from god.  But seriously I love this.  I need to try painting and calligraphy with my hair, too.  

  5. Her design is quite nice 🙂

    But I think her voice is too muffled and soft? I can speak Chinese, and I could only understand what she was singing in the demo because it is a traditional Chinese song. Her attack on the words are not clear enough, I think. It could be just this demo though……
    On the whole I anticipate more from her :DD

  6. she is very cute but it says she is 15 and to me her voice seems a bit to high so maybe she should be slightly younger but, yeah she is epic and cute and…stuff 🙂

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