VOCALOID 3 Updated, v3.030

A few weeks ago, Yamaha released an update for Vocaloid 3. This information is probably not relevant to you if you do not own Vocaloid, but by all means read on if you’re interested!

In the new update, pressing CTRL+R in the Vocaloid editor will change from note input to phoneme input, instead of having to go into the “note property” menu. This makes it easier to add complex combinations of notes and phonemes. Look at the following picture for an example:

Making use of the new keyboard shortcut

Another feature is the ability to change the colors of control parameters, which makes it easier to keep on top of things. It will also be possible to make the graphical editing of the parameters compatible with Vocaloid 2.

Pressing CTRL+L displays the phrases you are able to use.

Other changes include the automatic disposition of child windows and the addition of a level meter and a clipping indicator for each track in the mixer window.

Many other smaller tweaks have been made to the program. For a list of changes, check the readme file for Vocaloid 3. To top it off, a couple of bug fixes have been applied too.

If you have the full Vocaloid editor, you will automatically be directed to the update page when you launch the program. If you would like to download the update manually, you can do so here.

As a side note, a new site with a plugin database for Vocaloid 3 was launched.

It’s good to see that Yamaha is actively supporting the new Vocaloid engine. Do you use Vocaloid? If so, what do you think of the new update?

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  1. Nevermind my last comment, for some reason only the first few sentences appeared on my computer so I thought that translating might be good. But vocaloidism already provided all of the info. ^_^ Great article!!

    1. ┬álol, I won’t approve it then (since it has a link in it) but I’ll add you to the whitelist aynways.

      1. Thank you!!! ^^ XD I read the article and I was surprised to see it gave a link to the Japanese site. So, I thought I’d do my meh translation XDD Then, when my computer actually finished loading I noticed that they made a very high quality article with all of the info! I felt kind of embarassed!! Stupid flower. XD; Well, thanks again~!

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