VocaNoIro at Nekocon 2012

VocaNoIro at Nekocon 2012

Re:VB, the developer behind AniMiku, is organising a live Vocaloid concert to be held at Nekocon 2012. Also planned are two Vocaloid panels, covering Vocaloid music production and the creative team behind the events!

For those who are unaware, the AniMiku software is used to render MikuMikuDance models and motion data, with the aim of being used at Vocaloid concerts. AniMiku has previously been used at Tora-Con, Animation on Display, and other conventions. AniMiku will once again appear at this year’s NekoCon, behind the VocaNoIro concert!

This year, Nekocon will be held at the Hampton Roads Convention Center, in Hampton, Virgina. It kicks off on the 2nd of November, closing two days later on the 4th. Along with the concert, two other Vocaloid events have also been planned. There will be an AniMiku/Vocalekt Visions panel, including a fan Q&A. A producers panel will also be held. Western producers Tempo-P and EmpathP will be featured, giving an overview of Vocaloid, the software, and just how songs are made. “VocaNoIro” is short for “Vocaloid no Iro”, meaning “The Colours of Vocaloid”.

There will also be a stall set up within the dealer’s hall. You’ll be able to pick up a range of merchandise, including the Vocalekt Visions V4 album. Fans may also get an opportunity to ask questions they missed earlier!

Follow Re:VB on twitter for updates. You can find out more about AniMiku through their site, or their Facebook page.

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6 thoughts on “VocaNoIro at Nekocon 2012”

  1. Erm…..no. Leave concerts to Professional Japanese producers who know how to do it right and aren’t just using Low quality Miku Miku Dance models that probably don’t even have permission to use in a concert.

    1. Vocalekt Visions concerts have 100% permission from the vocaloid companies, due to the members being personally acquainted with them. They do nothing without 100% certification from Crypton or Internet co., as well as the MMD modelers themselves. And it’s MMD, because they cannot afford to hire the full fledged Sega concert crew. And even if they could, it is very hard to bring them to America, without knowing it would be worth their while. So, for what they do, and what they represent, it’s very admirable that they are trying to spread the love of Vocaloid to new places that normally would never be able to experience an event like this.

      1. Knowing someone in a company does not equal permission to use copy righted characters. They would need legal documentation proving that they got permission before hand.

        1. And that is what they have. They obtain legal documentation before doing anything. In fact, the revenues where they perform won’t allow them to do so WITHOUT documentation, due to the nature of the performance. If you’re wonder why I know all this it’s because I interviewed them once about the nature of the concerts and what it requires to put one together. They have contracts from all Vocaloid companies that gives them permission to put on these concerts. That is also why you only see them use a limited number of Vocaloids. They only put Vocaloids on stage that they have official documentation to use (Which is why you haven’t seen them use any AHS Vocaloids yet). The Vocaloids I know at the moment they have Documentation to use are The Cyptonloids, The Internet co, Loids, and Power FX’s Vocaloids.

        2. also I don’t mean to sound that I’m lecturing, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I just wanted to stress how much effort these guys put into each of their concerts, how much money is spent, and how much sleep is lost. You can still dislike it, or find it cheap, but they really do try their best.

  2. Actually they have all the permissions necessary or else Nekocon would not allow them to put on the concert. Speaking as someone who has seen the show live and in person it is just like the live concert just with out the orchestral backing.

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