VOCALOID Folk Song Collection

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Victor Entertainment has announced a new CD release, featuring Vocaloid folk songs. The CD is titled “Vocaloid Folk Song Collection”, and includes 15 tracks, with vocals from Miku, Rin, Len, Luka and Kaito. Keep reading for all the details!

Track List:
01. Sennen no Dokusouka (kaoling mix) / yanagi feat. KAITO Append (NND, YT)
02. Tokiwasurebito (String mix) / hinayukki@ShigotoshiteP feat. KAITO (NND, YT)
03. Pane dhiria (SPTM mix) / ShinjouP feat. KAITO (NND, YT)
04. Kami no Namae ni Ochiru Mono / kaoling feat. Hatsune Miku (NND, YT)
05. Ibuki /Yunimemo feat. Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Hatsune Miku (NND, YT)
06. Queen Nereid (Nereides mix) / Sei-Peridot (SeikoP) feat. Megurine Luka (NND, YT)
07. Pygmalion (Aphrodita edit. mix) / U-ta feat. Kagamine Len, Megurine Luka Append (NND, YT)
08. Harvest (Rin-Mix) / HAL@ShurabaP feat. Kagamine Rin Append (NND, YT)
09. Hoshizora to Yuki no Butoukai (Zeal mix) / Konori feat. Megurine Luka Append (NND, YT)
10. Tsuki to Mogaribue no Insomnia / ke-ji feat. Kagamine Len Append (NND, YT)
11. La Malgrava Peto (Append mix) / k-waves LAB feat. Hatsune Miku Append (NND, YT)
12. Mienai Kuro ni Ochite Yuke / kaoling feat. Sorane Rana・Hatsune Miku (NND, YT)
13. Jutenija / DATEKEN feat. Kagamine Rin・Kagamine Len (NND, YT)
14. FLOWER TAIL / yuukiss feat. KAITO (NND, YT)
15. Bankan Ginyuu (RARNG mix) / F.Koshiba feat. KAITO (NND, YT)

You can listen to a short sample of each track here.
Keep in mind that many of the tracks in this album are remixes, and the Nico and YouTube links provided may not be the remixed versions.

Pane Dhiria (SPTM Mix) has already seen a release, and is available fron the Nico link provided above.

Some of the songs feature the append versions of Miku, Rin and Len. In addition, a prerelease version of Kaito Append is used in the first track, and Luka Append sees her first commercial use in the ninth track! An UTAU, Sorane Rana, is also used in track twelve. Most of the songs in the collection include string instruments, such as violin, giving a traditional feel to each track.

The CD was set to be released on the 28th of September, and has been released as of this post. It is priced around ¥2,200 (approximately $29 USD), and is available for purchase at JVCMusic, YesAsia and Amazon.jp.

Source: JVCMusic

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11 thoughts on “VOCALOID Folk Song Collection”

  1. Oh, happy day.  The first Luka Append sample that I have heard of.  Cue squeegasm like a girl for one second.

    Comparing this Append beta remix to the original Luka version, there’s a clear and pleasant difference between the vocals.  She’s smoother between note transitions but she’s also a bit higher pitch which is unfortunate as her tone in the original is more suitable (and uniquely Luka).  That could be because this is a remixed version and not necessarily this particular Append with whatever vocal characteristics it’s suppose to be.

  2. Disappointed for no Meiko. 

    I’m not fond of Luka, I was quite happy to hear Kaito Append, but I was looking forward for ‘new updates’ for Meiko Append most of all. D:Too bad.

  3. Kaito…. you just blew my socks off.
    Im totally replacing my Len phone strap with yours.
    … ok maybe I’ll just put both of you on together, because you still ain’t good enough to be better than Len.
    But still, be proud Kaito. Be proud.

  4. But it isn’t Kaito’s apppend. He doesn’t have it yet, it also doesn’t say anywhere on YT or niconico that this is append song.

  5. Omg just got the CD.

    Kaito Append = Simply beautiful, powerful vocals, and so damn REAL I nearly had to double check I wasn’t listening to a Jpop singer. lol
    Luka Append = So wonderfully soft, smooth, silky, and calm-like. Her original voice was always deep and unique and with this append, her voice now has a more realistic pull of the words ah~ Loved it.

    That Utau Sorane Rana? Very well done, I love her voice. Did well to blend with Miku. I loved the appends for Miku, Rin, & Len, obviously, but I feel they really out did themselves this time. What with the folklore feel. I loved it. This cd just rocked period. 8D I can’t wait for Kaito’s and Luka’s (and eng Miku’s) Appends!

    Ah…I do feel bad about Meiko tho….x’D She got no love in here, which is understandable since her append will be after theirs but still…*pats Meiko* don’t worry. I’ll just pretend Rana was you, she did sound kinda deep like you so…lolNow all I can do is spazz out in complete happiness and re-listen to the cd starting with Kaito’s Append in repeat. xDDDD So wonder! A definite Recommend!! =3

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