MEIKO English & Gackpoid Extend In The Works

Lots of things have been happening in the Vocaloid world lately, two new voicebanks have been confirmed for existing Vocaloids.

One of the Vocaloids which is going to receive a new voicebank is none other than MEIKO, the first Japanese female Vocaloid as well as Crypton’s first Vocaloid. Her voicebank isn’t just a regular one though, it has been confirmed by the official Crypton Future Media Twitter account that she will be getting one in this tweet. A translation of the Tweet provided from the Twitter is below.

“We are currently working on giving an English voicebank to Meiko too”

Another voicebank update has also been confirmed for another Vocaloid, Gackpoid (Kamui Gakupo), the first Vocaloid from Internet Co. LTD and also the Vocaloid voiced by famous singer Gackt. He has been confirmed to be getting an Extend like his fellow Internet Co. Vocaloid, GUMI (Megpoid). The first Tweet from Noboru says (translated) “Not just one voicebank :)”, referring to Gackpoid. The second tweet from Noboru states “We’ve already decided (the types of his voicebank). But it’s still secret.”, also referring to Gackpoid.

So what do you guys think of these new voicebanks, are you excited?

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18 thoughts on “MEIKO English & Gackpoid Extend In The Works”

  1. I’m a huge Meiko fan, but I couldn’t care less about the English voicebank. They never sound good. Just give me the Japanese append already.
    And I was worried that Gakupo will be left out, but I guess he’ll get the love je deserves.

    1.  Finally someone else who thinks we need to stop making English voice banks. Seriously English is the worst language to try to synthesize. Seriously, even the worst Japanese sound banks sound a million times better then the best english voice banks. Yes that means Piko and Lily sound better much better then then the engloids. I just don’t get why companies think it is a good idea there has never once been an engloid who has even been mentioned on the ranking boards and they terrible customer support.

      1. Man, what’s wrong with your name ? O_o

        What do you know about japanese, voice recording and synthetizing, ANYWAY? Do you even know how to speak japanese?

        Of course the english VBs sounds worse…MAYBE it’s because you understand this language and you know the VBs imperfections.
        If you don’t understand japanese in the first place, THEN HOW CAN YOU CORRECTLY JUGE THEM????????

        Damn weaboo… you make me ashamed to be in the Vocaloid fandom.

        1. Simple with tone based languages like japanese, korean, chinese, and spanish (to some degree) you can actually recorded better quality like CV, VCV, VV, VC, CVC,  while with english and its ugly stress points you are stuck with only CV, VV, VC which can’t fix phonemes like @r, U,aI, or  eI.

  2. What next, Rin and Len get new English voicebanks, too? All this new English voicebank stuff is getting old. Meiko’s might be nice, but Kaito and Miku I really don’t care for. Not like most of the Crypton-loids had good Engrish in the first place.

    I want to see Gakupo get an English voicebank though. And I can’t wait for SeeU’s.

    1. Well, Asami Shimoda is learning English right now.

      I just dont get who Crypton’s aiming for with these English VB.

      We all know how awesome Luka’s Engrish is.

    2.  If they come through with the Meiko English VB thats 4 out of the six products counting the twins as two products. Luka has an English VB. Miku and Kaito are getting one. Meiko most probably is. The twins would make their entire present Vocaloid line up bilingual. Providing the Twins with an English VB at some point makes sense.

  3. Why waste time giving other Japanese Vocaloids english voicebanks when all that time and money can be used to improve Luka’s already existing horrible english voicebank…

    1.  Lukas V3 has been recorded already. I see no reason to assume they are not improving her English VB.

  4. I  hope that by making all these English voice banks, (kaito, miku, meiko, etc.) they are trying to make them more accessible to a non-Japanese-fluent market. I read a post about some website thingy too…My point is as someone not fluent in Japanese, Utau was frustrating to install until I found couple of through tutorials. I imagine Vocaloids the same way. (broke, plus they’re on Amazon, I know how buy English Vocaloids…..) English software for Miku and everyone, surely it’s not absurd…Still I see what people are saying I can’t imagine using Meiko, Kaito, or Miku for English.

    YAY MEIKO!!! I’m so glad she’s getting her append. She’s my favorite.

    1.  the default language of the vocaloid program is actually english. The japanese vocaloids interface is in japanese because of some added DLLs. remove or rename those dlls and miku and her friends are in english. the instructions for doing that are all over youtube. the phonemes are still japanese but at least you can read and use the interface in english.

  5. Gakupo English!! There has to be one, since Gackt is fluent in it. (That way it will be engLish instead of engRish.)

  6. Gah, I’m so excited! I can’t wait to hear them! ♥ I’ve loved MEIKO’s voice since I first heard it. I like Gakupo’s as well, but it sounds so rough. Lots to look forward to!

  7. Cool!
    Go Meiko,she needs an append for new songs,but Iwould love to heard her english!

    Im glad for Gakupo too,he was relased even before than Gumi and he is more famous, he deserves an extended version too!

    But what I really want is a new crypton vocaloid or a nre InternetCo.LTD vocaloid,some new male vocaloid with 16-18.

  8. Wataru Sasaki is making test recordings of English Phonemes NYOW! he tweeted twice about it tonight and Meiko tweeted in her cute way that she does when doing a VB recording.

  9. God just answer my prayers 😀 i thought Gakupo was left out!!!! THANK YOU GOD!!!! XD
    But we need Gackpoid English, maybe too much to ask but Gackpoid Talk :v like the one GUMI has #spins head#

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