Author: Arbacyk

Avanna Design And Demo Released

We’ve posted about Zero-G‘s new VOCALOID Avanna before but now it’s time for what we’ve all been waiting, a demo of her singing and her character design. At NekoCon 15, a sneak peek of Avanna singing was demoed at the convention’s VOCALOID panel after the VocaNoIro concerts. The audio track, a cover of Enya’s “Only
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CreCrew Hosting A Design Contest

CreCrew, run by SBSArtech, is hosting a design contest for SeeU goods. You must use either SeeU’s logo, her original design, her SD character, and CreCrew’s mascot which will should all be available in SeeU’s official website shortly. The original image can be seen below along with the rules and the logo, original design, SD
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Suzune Ring Gets Two New Demos

Today we learned that Suzune Ring, one of the new Vocaloids from VocaNext received two new original demos in Nico Video. Suzune Ring is the Vocaloid from “Everyone’s Vocaloid Project” and her provider is MiKA who is going to make her debut as a solo signer in Daisy x Daisy. Both of the demos are
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