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CreCrew, run by SBSArtech, is hosting a design contest for SeeU goods. You must use either SeeU’s logo, her original design, her SD character, and CreCrew’s mascot which will should all be available in SeeU’s official website shortly. The original image can be seen below along with the rules and the logo, original design, SD character, and CreCrew’s mascot.

A translation for the rules can be found below, translation provided by Porifra.

1.Subject of the contest: SeeU
The first Korean Vocaloid character, SeeU(SV01 SeeU), is a virtual idol singer developed by SBSArtech. With deep blue eyes, long wavy blond hair, a small body with fair, smooth skin, etc., she is overall in the shape of a cute and lively, yet mysterious looking 17 year old girl. We increased SeeU’s charm by adding various accessories such as the cute cat-ear shaped speakers, the sound waves that appear on her top and her shoes, a lively costume designed with school uniforms in mind, a power button on the front and a pause button on the back. Already loved by not only Korea but also the Vocaloid fans of the world, she is recreated through hundreds of illustration and UGC(User Generated Content) every day from the day her character was revealed.

2. About This Contest
Name: 1st Vocaloid SeeU idea goods design contest.
Requisites: None. You may enter by yourself or as a team with up to 4 members, entries accepted from 4/23/2012 ~ 6/1 (for 40 days).

3. Acceptable Entries
Any goods using SeeU.
(e.g. clothes, accessories, office supplies, furniture, instruments etc etc)
* You must submit a design that can show off SeeU well.
(You must use at least part of the SeeU logo, SeeU’s original character, the SD character, or the CreCrew mascot, and you may edit it as needed)
* If you incorporate someone else’s work and not CreCrew’s you must get permission from the original creator.
* You may submit more than once.

4. How To Submit
-Submit To: Email [email protected]
-What To Submit: Fill out the application and put it in a .zip file with your design (name of the, this includes the JPG image which is the design and the original image.
*The winning artist must supply the original Photoshop/Illustrator (.psd/.ai) file, or the entry might be disqualified.
** Application File
Go to the official SeeU VOCALOID page ( ) >DOWNLOAD page (Here is a direct link for you guys)
** Design Images
– The actual designs must be in a .jpg file up to 10MB, and must be A3 sized and 300 dpi.
– A 2D or 3D image of the merchandise that shows the shape and concept of your design. No more than two, do not send in actual piece. Ex. Don’t send a SeeU umbrella if you actually made it, they just want a image that shows what merchandise you want it in.
– Name of the piece.jpg as the jpg file name.

5. Judging
Judging Dates: 6/2~6/13
Judging Criteria: Subject suitability, originality, popular appeal, how feasible is the design, aesthetics.
Results: 6/15 14:00
Posted on 11th street, SeeU official VOCALOID site, CreCrew.

Awards Ceremony: June 2012 (To Be Decided Later)
1 1st place: 5000,000 won + Certificate
2 2nd place: 1,500,000 won + Certificate
3 3rd place: 500,000 won + Certificate
5 4th place: SeeU library + Certificate
* Anything over 3rd place will be made, and the 1st place winner will be given the opportunity to work as SBSArtech/11th street’s character goods designer.

6. Etc.
-The winning designs are owned by SBSartech.
-Designs that received awards from other contests/designs that are not the applicant’s designs that have been already made cannot be picked.
-Copying/tracing can automatically warrant cancellation of the reward.
-If none of the applications meet the criterion some awards may go unrewarded.
-We do not return submitted applications.
-Some of the winning designs may undergo edits.

7. Contacts
SeeU VOCALOID Official Website QnA
CreCrew QnA:
Email: [email protected]

Get designing and have fun!


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  1. Excuse me, I’m just confused about how to download the application form (since the website is in korean laguage). Yesterday I tried to click on something in the page, and it was downloaded, however I can’t open it because the file is in hmp document (.hmp) so anyone could help me with this stuff? thank you 😀

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