Second Promotional Video For VOCALOID CHINA PROJECT Released

A two minute promotional video featuring Yuezheng Ling, Yuezheng Longya, and Luo Tianyi was released several hours ago. A song of Luo Tianyi plays in the background of this video, and although sometimes the vocals match the mouth flaps, the actual speaking and singing by the characters in this clip aren’t voiced. This promotional video features Yuezheng Ling waking up and chasing her brother out after he walked in on her. She then exits her house running down the street to a practice room where she appears to be singing and playing the guitar. Shortly afterwards, with a downward look on her face, she walks past a concert poster and into the woods. A wind blows a medical certificate out of her hands and she looks up to see Luo Tianyi’s spaceship. The doors open and Luo Tianyi gently falls on her and gives her a kiss amongst an explosion of Nico-style comments in Chinese. The video ends with Luo Tianyi singing in the air and somehow sprouting a tree behind her, followed by a “to be continued”.

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10 thoughts on “Second Promotional Video For VOCALOID CHINA PROJECT Released”

  1. As usual, a very nice animation. But more importantly, I want to hear the full song Tian Yi is singing in there LOL I’m ok with the animation (it’s stunning and everything) but they really need to work on her song instead…

  2. Just a background song?
    This is just a yuri PV!, people of China Project are just trying to sell us a shoujo-moe anime without a story, not a singing software, I’m sick of this: now Vocaloids came with a personality, ok, but now their demos are just animations without singing?! -.-

    Sorry, this is how I see it, I think I can’t be a fan of the new V3 Vocaloids, their are more image than singing: even all the japanase V3 line are teeange girls trying to be idols.

    1. lawl, then go BAWWWWWW about it in a corner… Dafuq it’s not yuri, there’s not any explicit/sexual themes in it. Well your’e not forced to like it, but going as it seems, Luo may have the same treatment as SeeU *Sigh*

  3. ??! I guuueessssss? It’s not like we are not in short supply of visuals here, buttttt t’would be nice to hear more samples ; A; ) at least more of what they are capable of.

  4. Well, we’re still laking a *real* demo, the singing is really muffled, how one can appreciate this voicebank with not even a short and clear song to listen to ?

    In any case I’m not overly impressed, either because I’m really not familiar with Chinese or because of the lack of power in her voice used in the background. Maybe it’s also because Solpie raised the stakes quite high with Miku …

    As for the PV, aside the yuri fan service and more likely broken teeth that this situation should have brought, I have been surprised by the reference to NND. Is there a chinese equivalent to NND where people insert their comment in the published video ? Or are they expecting all potentially interested buyers to already own an NND account ?

  5. 这不科学!Stop being so butthurt about this for a sec and look at it from a larger angle. The pairing had been popular since the contest winners were announced, and what better to troll the shippers with than some kiss-teasing interrupted by comment clouds? If they wanted to do fanservice, they’d have gone with the kiss.

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