New Lily Vocaloid 3 Beta Demos Released

Lily has received two new demos that have been uploaded on Nico Nico Douga showing her beta VOCALOID3 voicebank. The songs are the same ones from Vocafarre. Follow us after the break for the videos!

Both sample songs are covers of eurobeat song by yuri’s (Masuda Yûri, Lily’s voice provider) band, m.o.v.e; the same songs had been used for VOCALOID2 Lily’s demos. Both of them also feature Gakupo.

First, a cover of Gamble Rumble. Here is a link to the V2 version for comparison.

Next up, Super Sonic Dance (V2 version).

So what do you guys think of her voice? It’s a big improvement right?

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9 thoughts on “New Lily Vocaloid 3 Beta Demos Released”

  1. SUCH an improvement. I actually like her voice now that she sounds…well… human. She seems to suffer the Gakupo curse when it comes to pronouncing syllables. Choppy. This is far better.

  2. That first song! Wow! I thought it was a real person singing at first! This is quite the improvement 😀

  3. Wow!! Lily sounds great. I’ve always liked her voice. After all the Gumi and Gakupo news, I thought Internet Co. was going to give up on improving her. Thank god they didn’t. ;w;

  4. I have always loved lily from the very beginning, since she is my favorite vocaloid. But this made her even more lovable!! Hope that niki, seleP and other lily producers make more songs using this new and improved voicebank!!

  5. Huh, how did I miss this blog post…

    Quite a drastic improvement over her V2 voice bank, especially with Gamble Rumble.  I’ve always wanted to like Lily’s voice more.  Niki-P’s songs kept me almost exclusively interested in her, but with these improvements I won’t have to cringe so much when other Producers use her.

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